Dakota's Birthday and My Birthday Plus Extras

I got Dakota
in August when he
was 6 months old.
But he was born in Febuary,
Amber (my daughter that originally
had him) thinks he was born between
the 10th and 14th. I split that
and went with the 12th.
THE KING turned 7 years old
on the 12th.
Mom sent him a cupcake and
I got him his favorite
vanilla ice cream.
And he chowed down.

Now my b-day is on the 14th right after
Dakota's, only I am
a tad, just a tad bit older than him.
I bought myself something for my
A pair of sterling silver earrings made
by a new friend of mine,

They are pretty cool in the ears!
My friend Cindy knows what store
I love!
So does Theresa cause she
got me one of these also and
bought me dinner.
They are so sweet.

My lovely friend in Ohio, Nancy
sent me this. Isn't it beautiful?

I got other stuff also, a metal set of
keys (larger) to hang on my wall from
Debbie. Got them a couple of weeks ago
so I forgot to take a pic of them to post.
And my mom got me shoes and
spending money!
Not to long ago I went to my
fav place to eat...Chili's.
They use to have amazing Fajitas but
sometime ago I go them and
noticed that the chicken was not
cooked with the onions or peppers.
Looked like it was just cut up, heated in the
micro and served. I forgot all about that
and I ordered it again, with the same
results so I sent Chilis a email about
it. I got these three coupons with a letter
in the mail.
Customer Service..

I was surprised since most companies don't
have a customer service anymore.
I was messing with THE KING
the other day..
and he really wishes I would
stop using him for photo practice!

Esp on the close ups!
This dog has so much personality...
I stayed up late watching a movie
the other night...
this is what I get from him since
I am up so late!
Thanks for stopping in,



Anonymous said…
OMG The King got ice cream and cake? Niice!! Looks yummy! I'm sooo glad you got sooo many beautiful gifts for yr birthday Pam... N the girls took you out as well... I love it! I was there... My invisible self that is lol.. Seriously... I sent good wishes your way n a prayer for my beautiful friend. I'm soo happy and lucky our paths crossed! You have a beautiful personality my friend .. Thanks for the smiles! Xoxo Nancy M; Ohio

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