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Painted Lady Birdhouse

Picked this wooden birdhouse up at my fav store...GOODWILL. Price 99 cents.

Took out my paints.

And brought some color to this birdhouse. Going to look cute in the yard.

Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Dolls of my Past

One of my first and my all time favorite doll was  Miss Peep.
Here is a pic I pulled off the internet..

And here is mine.
I got Miss Peep when I was in Kindergarten, so lets just say that was a LONG time ago.... Right at  50 years ago.
Then the next in line is  my Vogue Ginny doll. See I still have her too.

Neither doll is in their clothes they came with but my mom made both these outfits.
Always wanted to have hair like my Chrissy doll had!

Then comes some of my FAV dolls... Barbie

And Skipper. 
These are all pulled from the internet but... I still have some of them packed up. I played many days in the corner of the living room with my Barbies.
Now for stuff animals I still  have... My bunny. Given to me by a guy I dated for over 2 yrs.  He gave me this for our 8 month anniversary. 

But then there is this. Mom got me this, I think with box tops  or stamps you could send in and they would send things you picked.  I got this in my early teens.

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Zebra - The Painting

Today is Sunday and  I was doing a teaching  class for my friend  Debbie.
Teaching and helping her though a painting she wanted to do.
This was what Debbie was wanting to paint.

And this is what I worked on  while Debbie was painting.

Not like most paintings I do but I love it. It was a lot of fun.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam


Took a couple of days to work on my walk in pantry. Believe me, it was in bad  need of needing organizing.
Picked two of these up at Lowe's.

One for skillets and I flipped the other one to lay down to slide cookie sheets and broiler pans in.

I have used Rubbermaid containers  to put my recycling in but I decided to try something different.
Thought one of these would work  great....a laundry sorter.

But I got to Walmart and saw this one. It pops up and folds back down.

And they work great. Mesh so the stuff can breath,  and handles for caring.

Took the recycling off yesterday and these  worked amazingly.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Boot Cuffs

Found this cool stretchy stuff in the  lace section of Hobby Lobby.  Perfect width.
Some hand sewing and buttons and I have some really cool  boot cuffs.

Thanks for stopping in, Pam

The Chair- Photo Prop

In June I started a project that I did not finish until this Sunday.
I was waiting to find what I wanted to cover the seat in.
This is how it started.

Took it apart and painted it.

Thought the red would pop.
Here is it after I have finished it.

The cover was a pillow sham I picked up at my nieces yard sale. 

I think it turned out really nice. Can't wait till my next shoot to use it.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Christmas Cactus

These pics were taken in November but I was excited that my plant was blooming close to Christmas. But to my surprise, my Christmas Cactus bloomed again at Christmas time.
And to this date, still blooming.
Check out that bright color. I am not a pink person but this is still pretty to me. Thanks for stopping in,

Dirty Santa / White Elephant Gift

For our family get together at Christmas time the adults play Dirty Santa or to some it's called White Elephant. Every year I have a hard time picking out something to take for the game but this year I went to PINTEREST and looked up Dirty Santa gifts. I loved this idea...
I took white peel and stick letters and put them to the front of a wash pan. I added canned ham, pickles, apple and cherry pie, crackers, peanuts, cheese puffs, two cokes, a roll of paper towels and to Redneck Wine glasses (that I made). I think it was a hit with Cobi, my nephew that ended up with it! Thanks for stopping in,

Knife Block to Craft Brush Block

I know I have said it before but let me say it again I love PINTEREST! Saw this idea there. Old kitchen knife block picked up at Goodwill. For $1.99.
Drill some holes in the slots where the knifes fit.
A little bright paint.
After the paint. Then you put the brushes in the drilled holes.
Fantastic. Keeps all my brushes together instead of rolling all over the place. Thanks for stopping in,

Christmas Program with Caleb

He is an 8th grader now! Growing so fast... Yikes, and he will be driving in 2 yrs! LOL Caleb's chorus class sang some songs during the Christmas program at his school right before Christmas. He looked so handsome.
There are only 6 guys in a class of GIRLS... so during one song, the girls sat down and let the guys shine! Caleb turned really red!
The school has such a bunch of talented children. I have to say it is really neat to sit in this gym listening to the kids sing and play but also just to look around and remember..... Yep, I used to take gym in this same room! Many, many, many years ago. Matter of fact Caleb is the 3rd generation to attend here. Me, his uncle and now him. Cool history and a great program! Thanks for stopping in,