Dolls of my Past

One of my first and my all time favorite
doll was 
Miss Peep.

Here is a pic I pulled off the internet..

And here is mine.

I got Miss Peep when I
was in Kindergarten, so lets just say
that was a LONG time ago....
Right at 
50 years ago.

Then the next in line is 
my Vogue Ginny doll.
See I still have her too.

Neither doll is in their clothes they
came with but my mom
made both these outfits.

Always wanted to have hair like
my Chrissy doll had!

Then comes some of my FAV



And Skipper. 

These are all pulled from the
internet but...
I still have some of them packed
up. I played many
days in the corner of the living
room with my Barbies.

Now for stuff animals I still 
My bunny. Given to me
by a guy I dated for over 2 yrs. 
He gave me this for our 8 month

But then there is this.
Mom got me this, I think with
box tops  or stamps you could send
in and they would send things you
I got this in my early teens.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my



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