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Rustic Barns, Other Structures and Churches

 I went back out again Tuesday with my camera. These places are not the Forgotten in  Hickman Co. They were taken in the county next  to us. Love this shot with the one little cow just relaxing.   I think this barn has seen better days. Love this shot, the sky was  perfect. Here are a few churches I got  Tuesday. Wed. I stayed home. Cleaned up some plastic  bags that blew into the  yard with the rains and winds. Hope you enjoyed my pics. Pam

The Forgotten in Hickman County and the Feline Furs

Monday I needed to run to Centerville to get my tags for the car.I decided to take my camera along. Got more pics of  The Forgotten in  Hickman County. This place I pass everyday that I go out.  I pass this one  also.   This place is  near my daughters house. This truck is parked outside the place above. Little one jumps up in  my lap every evening for  her mom time. I had me camera out the  other day so I  grabbed a few shots  of the girls. Misty loves being on the cable box. So much so that she decided to nap there. Then Lily Bit came into the room so  I snapped a few of her. It's all in the eyes... hers are so beautiful. Have a great day, Pam  

Bread, Mailbox, Carriers, End Tables, Trash and Boat

 I have been at it again.... I did disturb the rising of the bread but let me tell you, I have tried several different ways of making bread, and this was actually the  BEST. I have made it with milk, eggs and  oil, I have made it with just sugar and water, but this was made with  honey. The taste was great!!!!! 2 cups of warm water 1/4 cup honey 2 1/4 teaspoon yeast Mix and let set for 10 mins. pour in 2 teaspoons melted butter, 1 1/2 teaspoon salt 4 1/2 cups of flour If its really sticky,  add a little more flour at  a time till its not sticky cover and put someplace warm I put mine in the oven with only  the oven light on. two hours Once its rose, smack it down and  cut in 1/2. Set one half aside Flatten other half and roll up  in a loaf. Place in a buttered bread pan. You can do the same with  the other half or make rolls. Cover and place back in oven for 30 mins, take out, uncover and sit on counter another 15 mins.  Bake 350 till golden brown. I try every so often to take  a back

Daughter and Mom Day Out, Granny, Daddy, and Son and DIL

 I blogged about the fact that this is the 85th year of  the Wizard of Oz and that  a lot of theaters were showing  the show on the big screen. I got Amber and I tickets for Sunday. Selfie of me about to head out to pic up  Amber. Show is about to start. We had fun. This popped up as a memory on my FB page Sunday.  This is my granny and  my daughter, Amber.  Amber was 2 months old, pic taken 1981. We lost granny in  Feb. 1987. Also, Sunday, Jan. 28 would have been my dad's bday. He would be 96.   Matter of fact, lost daddy in May, 1987. Only a few months after losing granny, actually, lost him on May 12th, which would have been granny's bday. Granny that I speak of was mom's mom.  Talking family, this is Ted and Debra, my ex's sis in law and brother in  law with my daughter in law,  Britney and my handsome son, Cory. Ted and Debra's son got married in Vegas, and since Brit and Cory are only  six hours away, they drove up for the wedding. Debra as nice enough to tag

The Kitchen, My Bedroom and Braden

 Was in the kitchen getting things ready for dinner this evening and I realized that I never showed pics of the kitchen. My stove is not only  a reg. stove, it also does the convection oven and it is an air fryer also. Cabinets don't look that  high but my house is not the standard ceiling height, they are taller, so the cabinets are high for me. My bedroom... still working on things. I need something for over the bed, and I actually  started working on that something before I moved. I just need to get busy and finish it. The bed rails in this corner belong to a antique metal bed I gave away but forgot to include the rails. A friend of mine has the  bed and we are going to meet up  to exchange them. Mirror has still not been put back on the dresser,  footboard to the bed is standing in the corner. I changed out bed frames and this one does not require a footboard.  In the corner also is  the bed rails from the  first bed frame. I need to get this stuff moved  to the shed.  The clos

Stunning Sunset, River of Rain, and Nosey Felines

    Beautiful sunset Friday evening. WOW.... Stunning. Friday, we had no rain and after three days of it, we were  pretty much all done. I looked out yesterday and  saw this, my  backyard, at the edge of the  trees. So, I know where I will not be  putting a flowerbed! The house to the right of me was built in 2015,  and here is what I think. When the dude in that house, cleared off  the back of his property to have the garage put in,  it altered the natural  flow of the land. I think I need to maybe build up that area with dirt or maybe fill in that area with  large rock.  Saturday morning these two were being really nosey. I was getting ready to make some spaghetti sauce, Amber and the boys are coming this evening to eat. Anyway, I left the cabinet open as I placed the pot on the  stove. She can get in  some of the tightest  spots.       Then a few mins later I saw Lily jumping into the washer.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH... going get in the cabinet with the pots, start helping to  cook.  Or ge