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Christmas Gift - Debbie

I always have a hard time deciding what to get someone for a gift....even my best friends. But I always seem to know what to make them... haha makes sense, right?
I remember Debbie remarking on one of these somewhere so I just made her one.
Piece of wood.

Off white paint Burlap brown ribbon tan button and a cross.

I think she liked it.

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The Box

I am behind on a Christmas gift for my friend Theresa.
Thank goodness she don't read my blog!
Anyway, I got to working on it again today.
I had this stained wood that I had removed from my pantry.
and with the saw I bought for my retirement gift I cut the wood I needed a month ago.
Today I finally got it together.

I will need to hit the two end pieces with some stain. . The jars I got a couple years ago for 49 cents at Goodwill.

But I am not done. I will be finishing it off tomorrow.
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Dakota's Toy

My BUD. My best friend. He brings me laughter, he keeps me company and he stays by my side when I am sick.

He can't stand a toy that has a squeaker in it. They never last long. This is what happens to said toys.

And after that activity ...
he sleeps!

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Nieces and Nephews - Old Brothers Side

For Christmas the kids wanted to do pics for Ray and Lori, my mom and Lori's mom. of all them together.
Of course the day we did it was at nine in the morning, on the lake at it was barely 20 degrees.
Left to right back row: Chase, Sean, Adam and Cobi Left to right front row: Jessica, Paige, Susan and my great nephew Cole.

Brothers and sister: Paige, Chase and Cobi

Brother and sister: Sean and Jessica

Married into the family: Adam - Paige's hubby and Susan- married to Chase

Cobi and Cole

Chase and Susan with Cole

Isn't Cole adorable?

Christmas Ornaments Over the Years - Friends

In the other post the other day I was showing pics of ornaments I made for family and myself.
These were made for my best friend, Mama Jo (her mom) and her grandson Austin that she was raising.
Here are some that I made for Mama Jo Austin from birth till 2000
And Debbie. I think my fav of all of these is the snowman head.
Oops....never realized that 1996 and 1998 are the same....

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Don't Judge Me....

While wrapping packages for Christmas I RAN out of scotch tape and used this

Don't judge me! Haha
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Christmas Gifts

Years ago as a family my brothers, sis in laws and I decided to not do gifts with each other and just focus on our kids and grandkids and mom.
This year I sort of broke that rule...
My brothers are always doing for me and always concerned about my health and taking care of me.
I wanted to do something really neat for them. I saw this on PINTEREST a while back and thought how cool they were.
They had Mark and Ray's name on them as far as I was concerned.
I think they both liked them.

My sis in law Kim got the cat painting. With the center of the cat missing according to Mark!

And Lori being a quilter I thought this would be perfect for her.

Enjoy making and giving.
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Ornaments Over the Years

My son was born in 1987 and either that year or the next I started making both my daughter and son's Christmas ornaments. I was big into cross stitch and there was some really adorable patterns around. And then again...some I altered to make my own.
My son's ornaments are stored away for the day he is ready for me to send them to him in California. I recently learned that thru a move my daughters were lost a few years ago. Just breaks my heart.
The ornaments started very simple, just for my son and daughter. Then later I added me to that list. The list grew. I decided to add my nieces and nephew's, my brothers and sis in laws (usually one to share) and friends.
Yep the list grew. The last year that I made everyone an ornament I figured out of the 25 I made I had well over 60 hours in them. I decided to stop.
Since then I have done a few here and there.
Here are some pics of only a few... My nephew Chase. He raced craftsman trucks under the 98 number so I just did a simp…