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Bread, 2011 vs 2021, and The Boys

 So sweet when a friend thinks of you and leaves you something on the porch. It was still warm also. And it is amazing. Thank you Paula. I am not sure if I have ever told you all but Paula has been assisting at the venue since July. I met her a few weeks before and thought how awesome she would fit in out there and I knew Julie was looking for  someone else.  Paula is also my neighbor down the street, two doors and a across.  So awesome to have met her and so great working with her. My niece put a challenge on  FB.  A pic of you in 2011 and one from 2021. So here you go... 2011 2021 I love this pic of my  grandsons. I stood on the bed and took this of them laying in the floor on Dec. 31, 2010. Can't wait to get out of this house.... haha  Pam 

New Year, Betty White, Sandwiches, Dollar Tree Crafting.

(all pics from the internet)  Since I am still doing the stay at home thingy for a few  more days I  am finding my blogging subjects from FB and Pinterest. On a sad note~ RIP Betty White. Age 99, Dec. 31,2021. I have been enjoying Betty as an actress since the Mary Tyler Moore show. Still watch her on  Golden Girls, and of course  she was the last of the girls.  RIP. This came from FB. The idea behind this pic was that you can  only pic one that you want to keep. Mine was a BLT. But not leaving it alone, what order would I  eat these in... 2.  Tomato  3. Egg 4. Baloney and cheese 5. Grilled cheese 6. PB&J YUM... I really like them all. I love Gnomes... saw this on Pinterest. Willie Nelson Gnome.  So in your part of the  world do you have Dollar Trees? There are so many cute little crafts you  can find to make on Pinterest from things you get at the Dollar Tree. They have several sizes of the arrows (used on the side) and several sizes of small crates.  Or for more storage you can f

Picker Eater, Door Decor and Chili

 Scrolling FB when I  ran across this. Only five points for me. Not a lot that I do eat on here but not saying I have not eaten it or that I would not eat it again. Faw fish Tofu Mushrooms Grapefruit and  Nutella. A woman in a site I follow on FB posted this. So cool. Months, and months ago I painted this Gnome... I finally put a rope on it and hung it on the  front door. He is just the cutest. On top of that, feeling better Wed night and  Thursday afternoon I painted. Nothing big, nothing hard, nothing challenging, but I did paint. What did I paint? Two of next yrs  Christmas ornaments! HAHA... One for Julie, a snow person holding a heart balloon and her shirt reads, "TN Tiny Weddings"! I also got one done for  Lisa (assistant),  she works for a paint company, PPG Porter Paints. She has a snow person holding a paint can and one spilled on  the snow in front of her. I have one drawn off for James. It is a snow person holding a banjo. Yep, he plays the banjo.  I have decided t

Day 6, and Christmas Crafts

Day 6  I feel like I am going  to live!! Funny how even resting  you can still have dark circles.  However, resting I have been doing, sleeping well,  I have not been doing.  I did sleep better last night than I have in  a week.  Woke without a headache also. I actually feel like doing something today. Something crafty! I did paint a Christmas ornament for next yr. I thought I would do some when they popped into my head. Wanting to make things to share with friends next yr and not wait till the last minute.  I made these and gave to my venue friends before Christmas just as a  Welcome to the season gifts.  Just some simple thinking of you gifts. Next yr I already  have some cute simple gifts in mind.  These are just boards I cut to look like trees. Applied scrapbook paper and snowflakes, then I  Modge Podged them.  They are cute as buttons! Here are some things I have tagged on  PINTEREST for possible things to make  next yr. All with left over wood pieces!  That is my style!! I love t

My Replies to Your Comments and Snickerdoodles

  Well for me, looking at 63. Ann  said that she normally don't pack up  Christmas stuff till Jan. 1st.  I normally don't either but since I  am just laying here, I did  pack up my Christmas stuff that was sitting around. Ann also said, " I love sending Christmas  cards and I prefer to make  one". Well, you know I love painting mine  every year. I have already decided on next years....haha Darla M Sands  said that she likes tater cakes but she likes them thin and lacey on the edges.  Darla I have always fried mine up fat and stuffed!! They are also good with onions in them.  Darla also said she has looked into making the cat treats. I have looked into it but I have not ventured out as if yet to do it.  Thank you Darla for your concern on  me losing weight without trying. Its  not a big issue but I suffer from IBS, and I will get in bouts where it gets in a spasm. When that happens I  generally get sicky feeling when I eat. I had several weeks of that so I pretty much