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Flying Birds from the 50's

My oldest brother was born 1957.
He was my mom's first born. My great grandmother bought these planters for my mom when Ray was born.
I now have them hanging in my kitchen. They actually have a square opening on the back of each one. These normally have (as I was growing up) plastic flowers sticking out of them.

You will notice that the first and the last ones are alike. So I have one on the left side of a shelve and one on the right with the different one hanging above the shelve among the tin's on the shelf.

These flying birds fly among the antique utensils hanging on my wall.
Funny, growing up I never thought I would like older things /antiques. But I love them now.
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Reusing an Item for Something Else

Several years ago I spotted a wine holder at Walgreens after Christmas on clearance. For $5.00 I decided I could find a use for it.

And the use I decided on was to hold my hand towels in the downstairs bathroom. Makes grabbing a hand towel so easy.
I picked up a spice rack at Goodwill for $1.99. It did not take long to decide what I would do with it..
It holds my nail polish.

Visiting a friend at a yard sale I found something that I wanted for a special use.
A cup holder, but I was not going to use it for cups.
It now holds my bracelets.

In the upstairs bathroom I wanted a little height and something to sort of just hold things so they did not spread out all over the place.
A cake plate works great.
Another friend redid her cabinets and gave me a couple of her smaller doors.
Took the door, painted it and with the help of tacks and chains I now have something for my earrings.

Years ago I really needed something for my necklaces. I had so many and they would stay tangled up.. I f…

Back Door Finished

Just a recap from yesterdays blog...
White back door. Plain Dirty no personality....

A dark sort of brick red. Color matched to the bricks on the bottom of my house.

Yep....look how pretty, and popping in the red color.

But I could not leave it just like that.... It needed personality
and here it is.

Home is Where the is!
Loving it myself. And of course if you missed yesterdays post here is the front door.
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Back Door

A couple of years ago when entering my home after a trip visiting my son and daughter in law in California, I said, "There's No Place Like Home"...
Being that the movie The Wizard of Oz is my fav movie of all time I decided that saying, "There's No Place Like Home" had to be on my front door.
I matched the paint to the bricks around the front porch and with the help of sticky letters I added that saying to my door.

My thoughts were to add a saying to the back door. I even took a pole on facebook to help me decide what saying needed to go there.
And with good intentions, a couple years later I finally got around to painting the back door.
It remained white all this time and thanks to no protection to the back of the house, that white was really dirty.
Cleaned and ready to go.

Sticky letters on the floor but ready to be applied to the door.

First coat on and while drying the sticky letters come off

I will add the second coat tomorrow and touch u…

Expanding the Key Collection Space

Picked up the table at a friends yard sale about a year ago.
It was a little lose in places, split in a place and I thought about redoing it... But then I decided I could get more done from the parts.
Lets play with the drawer first.
Cute little drawer. Not very deep and it will work perfect for what I need it for.

First a paint job. Beige in the middle and a red along the edges.

I was in need for another space to hang key rings. My collection.

 So what do you think?
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Pumpkins, Cats and Spiderwebs on a Ceiling Fan Blade

Halloween is coming!

The Deck

I moved into my home 25 years ago.
There have been things I wanted to do but something always came before them. be able to enjoy the outside without being eaten alive by blood suckers (misquotes) and to be able to spend some relaxing time of my retirement I decided that I needed to FINALLY have my deck roofed and screened in.
And the work begins.

Framing going up.

Ready for the tin roof.

I am so EXCITED. Being an artist...I can see me out there painting.
A few months ago I planned on painting this area.
It is the wall that separates my neighbors deck and mine (I live in a zero lot line home).
This is the sort of pattern I was going to go with.

Oops....looks like I can't do that now! But that is okay, there is a section of my house that will be under the roof of my deck... I see a bigger paint job in my future!
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Garden Rocks

House setting this weekend I played around with some rocks...
This is what I came up with. Garden Rocks.

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