Back Door

A couple of years ago
when entering my
after a trip visiting
my son and daughter in law
in California,
I said, "There's
No Place Like Home"...

Being that the movie
The Wizard of Oz
is my fav movie of all time
I decided that saying,
"There's No Place Like Home"
had to be on my front door.

I matched the paint to the bricks
around the front porch and
with the help of
sticky letters
I added that saying to
my door.

My thoughts were to add a
saying to the back door.
I even took a pole on facebook
to help me decide
what saying needed to go there.

with good intentions,
a couple years later I
finally got around to
painting the back door.

It remained white all this
time and thanks to no protection
to the back of the house, that white
was really dirty.

Cleaned and ready to go.

Sticky letters on the floor
but ready to be applied to the

First coat on and while drying
the sticky letters
come off

I will add the second coat tomorrow
and touch
up the white letters where the
sticky ones were.

And what did I decide to go with?
"Home is where the
Course I can't go with the red heart since
it will not show up on the door,
thinking maybe whitish color, maybe
purple....I will work on that

thanks for stopping in,


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