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Dakota and the Salt Lamp

Good evening everyone. This morning I ran some errands with my mom. That means that Dakota had to stay home. Dakota does not like having to stay home. He loves to go. This is what I see when we pull in the drive way later on. Can you see him looking out the window? Silly dog. I have been wanting to get a salt lamp for a while now. I did purchase one on line in Jan. to be shipped to Calif. for my  daughter in laws  bday. But held off getting me one at the time. I went by Bed, Bath and  Beyond this evening and  picked one up. Be cool to see if  I see any changes after using this for a bit.  Thanks for stopping in,

Photos from the Past - Braden

Pics for the past  six years. Braden, my youngest grandson. Dakota guarding Braden. I love watching them sleep. Trying to take pics of him and Dakota photo bombs! Love my grandson's eyes. Denim blue with dotted lines circling the inside.    Thanks for stopping in,

Walk Around the Yard Today

Good afternoon.  Dakota and I went out to do a walk around the yard. I do this to see what is  going on with my plants! I love this shot of my creek. Interesting.  This is my garden on the  side of the shed.  This is my hummingbird, made by a local  metal artist, Major Hall. He does the most a amazing work. My Hosta is doing great.  Been in this spot for 25 years. I usually thin it out and  give some a way.  I took up painting rocks a  couple years ago and  saw this somewhere so  I had to make one for my garden.   This is the bank along the  creek. For years I tried to get ivy growing there. I would plant and baby it and it would not  take. So a couple of  years ago I throw some out to get rid of it and it takes.... Just so you know, this is my driveway... see how dangerous a missed step can be if you are getting out of the passenger side and I  don't park way over to the  ot

Photos from the Past - Cory and Britney Wedding

An interesting thing about being a photographer is when your son gets married and wants you to photograph  the wedding.  Playing mother of the groom and photographer is  different!  But with another family member there that is a great photographer  helps out.  This is my daughter in law, Britney. While shooting this I did not realize that  I blew it out.  But afterwards I realized I loved it. Little playing around.  This shot became my business card. Cory was loving this. Beautiful. Fun shot. The groom and the best man. It was a great wedding.  My first time back to California since I left at the age of 2,  I was  51.  Britney did a great job with her colors. Prettiest wedding in red, white and black. Photograph so well.  The wedding was held in  wine country in Southern Calif.  The day could not have been  any prettier.  Thanks for st