Walk Around the Yard Today

Good afternoon. 
Dakota and I went out to
do a walk around the yard.
I do this to see what is 
going on with my plants!

I love this shot of my creek.

This is my garden on the 
side of the shed. 

This is my hummingbird,
made by a local 
metal artist, Major
Hall. He does the
most a amazing work.

My Hosta is doing great. 
Been in this spot for 25 years.
I usually thin it out and 
give some a way. 

I took up painting rocks a 
couple years ago and 
saw this somewhere so 
I had to make one for my

This is the bank along the 
creek. For years I tried
to get ivy growing there.
I would plant and baby
it and it would not 
take. So a couple of 
years ago I throw some out
to get rid of it and it takes....

Just so you know, this is my driveway...
see how dangerous a missed step
can be if you are getting
out of the passenger side and I 
don't park way over to the 
other side. 

I have this hanging on the shed.

Broken plate....yep it
adds interest to the flower bed.

Hoping my vine grows and 
makes its way up the baby
bed springs. Yep, I 
use that as a trellis. 

My best friend gave me these
last year. Glad to see them
came back.

Thought I lost this but so glad to 
see that I did not. It is
Lemon Sage. You can use
this for cooking. It also smells
like lemon pledge.

Saw a wasp going in the birdhouse 
in the garden but that is not
what I really want in there...
I want birds!!


Corner of my shed. The colorful
glass ball I picked up at 
It is turned upside down.
It used to be one of those 
things you buy and 
put water in, stick it in the 
plant and it waters it when it
needs it. That long part that 
goes in the dirt of the plant
was broken off so I just
sat it down in a metal
candle holder. 

My fav piece.
I welded this, it is my Wild Flower

Picked this up at Goodwill a 
few years ago. I had a 
solar light in there to 
have it glowing on the 
garden but one of 
how many storms lately
took it out. I will have to 
replace that.

Thanks to the man up the 
street from my mom 
I now have red canon lilies.
I had some for years but a 
couple of years ago I lost
them. Glad I was able
to replace them. 

And the sun shines on the garden.

This is the condo I hung last week.
I saw birds flying around it
yesterday and I was
hoping that they were
moving in but I looked
today and there is no 
sign of renters yet. 

House Leeks - no clue the
real name. Growing along
the side of my tree.

Got this at Goodwill 
also. Its a metal 
ant so I hung
it to the tree in the
front yard. Today
I looked and it looked
like the ant was eating 
some plants! lol

A couple of years ago I 
started picking up a rock
whenever I traveled. 
I thought that by painting on 
them and sealing them, 
I could put them in 
my garden and each
time I go out there I 
remember my trip.

The UT Knoxville I picked up
outside of my nieces
apartment when I went 
up to visit. 

La Mesa I picked up right 
outside of my son's house.

Del Mar I picked up on the beach
when my son, daughter in law 
and I were staying in a condo on
Del Mar beach in Calif. 

It adds color to my garden 

Glad Dakota and I walked
the yard when we did.
Winds are picking up.
Storms coming in.

Take care and thanks
for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
Very nice yard.

I've never been to Temecula, but I hear it can be nice.
Pam, I love all the neat garden things in your yard. Adding those types of things just make the garden much more interesting. I have an iron hummingbird very similar to yours. Thank you for your visit and I love my coffee table too. It is an antique wagon that we have used for a coffee table for many years. It was a catchall for crumbs, dead flowers, any number of things that needed to be vacuumed out all the time, so my hubby added the wood top so that I can just swipe if off with the feather duster. Lots easier now and we can also rest our feet on it..Happy Thursday..Judy
Denise inVA said…
You have a lovely garden, pretty plants and loved the decorative ornaments. Lots of TLC in your yard. You inspire me :)
S. J. Qualls said…
You have an interesting back yard. I like that ant!
Al said…
That's a nice yard. There's not much growing here yet as we're still getting snow.
Debbie said…
you have a lot of fun, interesting things in your garden and yard. mine is a mess right now, end of march, like march madness until my lawn guy comes and does my spring clean up. then i will roll up my sleeves and fine tune it!!! i have a rock garden too - but my paint and dates always fade/wear off, even though i spray them with a sealant. i do the same, pick them up on the beach or a vacation spot, mark then up, date and place, i LOVE seeing them in the garden, yours are pretty and colorful!!
sage and spirit said…
There's nothing like walking the yard and seeing all the signs of spring. And you've got a great yard! Bet Dakota loves it too!
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! You are so creative.
Rue said…
When you were talking about rocks, the first thing I thought of was the movie "The Long, Long Trailer" with Lucy and Desi. Remember when she collected rocks from all the places they stoped and tried to hide them? Hilarious! Anyway, I had a birdhouse at my last house and they finally moved in after about 2 years. I hope you get some renters :)

Sandra said…
did you know your home is being eaten by giant ants? lol.... love the sun on the wall, and am giggling at myself because when I saw Nana Rock, I thought it meant it was a grandmother rock not a mama rock. took a few seconds to realize what it meant. your garden and all its treasures is lovely
Darla M Sands said…
Lovely! I gave up on my backyard plans for a lovely patio and garden because the neighbor's overgrown field ruined every attempt - it is to the west and trash tree and weed seeds overwhelmed my efforts. It's the middle tier of a two high retaining wall system, so we had the entire space covered in rock with specimen plants (small trees and shrubs). ~sigh~ I don't know how you care for all this with your health. Well done!
Jeanie said…
I love your yard and garden area. (And you're right -- be careful getting out of the car!). But it's beautiful and you've had some wonderful finds to give it real personality and I love that!
Thank you for the walk around your garden. You have many interesting pieces and all unique to you and your home. I love adding personality to the garden. ♥

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