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Hereditary and Yard

   Scrolling through  PINTEREST  I saw this... HAHA....yep,  little do they realize. However, I posted on  FB and tagged my daughter in law and  daughter. Here is where the  conversation went  from there.... (DIL)  Britney Jackson I've seen you and Cory together ... I know it's hereditary  Like Reply 9m Active (daughter)  Amber Howell Britney Jackson  must have skipped me!  Like Reply 6m Active Pam Montgomery Jackson Britney Jackson  lol....he got more than his share Like Reply 2m Active Pam Montgomery Jackson Amber Howell  just not caught up with you yet We reached  80 today and  we have storms  moving in. Two nights ago I was covering up  my herbs for a freeze... Crazy. The furs and I actually got to sit out on the clean deck this evening (Wed). Wind was kicking it and it felt amazing. I did walk out to the drive way to pull the trash can closer to the house to keep it from blowing off since the trash company picked up today and its empty. While coming back I  stopped here an

Herbs and Bushes

 This is the second year that my rosemary has made a come back... And it is blooming. Course I popped that off cause you are not suppose to  allow the herbs to bloom. My basil came back too. Two types of  oregano. And even my spearmint is coming back.  Remember this girl? For now she is on the deck. Yellow bushes are in full bloom. Plus, the yard needs cutting! HAHA... I try putting this off for a bit cause once it starts, its on!!! Pam