Hereditary and Yard

  Scrolling through 

I saw this...

little do they realize.
However, I posted on 
FB and tagged my
daughter in law and 
Here is where the 
conversation went 
from there....
(DIL) Britney Jackson
I've seen you and Cory together ... I know it's hereditary 😊
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We reached 
80 today and 
we have storms 
moving in.
Two nights ago I
was covering up 
my herbs for a freeze...

The furs and I actually
got to sit out
on the clean deck
this evening (Wed).
Wind was kicking it
and it felt amazing.

I did walk out to the
drive way to pull
the trash can closer
to the house to keep
it from blowing off since
the trash company picked
up today and its empty.
While coming back I 
stopped here

and cleaned out the 
flower bed below.

I found this iron
piece years ago
and placed a 
solar light in 
it. I love this
piece esp since
it has rusted.

And here is my 
wild flower I 
welded yrs ago.

In cleaning the weeds
out of the flowerbed
I found my Hosta 
coming up.



Darla M Sands said…
You crack me up. ~grin~ And that's lovely garden area! ~hugs~
Marie Smith said…
An incredible 80 already. Nice!
Christine said…
That weather better smarten up!
Liz A. said…
You're now ready for spring :)
Ann said…
OMG, you know how to weld too? Is there anything you can't do?
Brian said…
Yep, it does run in my family too! Love the photos, especially the starfish!

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