Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Adventure Begins

I have done the last two post on my dog Dakota, AKA The KING, AKA His Highness so I thought I would continue with that theme in the way of telling you stories about this dog. I for one have never been around a dog like him before. It has been an experience for sure.

My daughter had gotten Dakota as a puppy for my grandson Caleb. She had in her mind that he needed a dog but at that age, Caleb was not interested in a dog so he did what all boys do…….chased him and scared him! Six months after getting the dog Amber moved and could not take him with her. This is what I heard, "mom can you keep him for a few days till we find him a home"…LOL….

They never tried but I did. Problem was, this little Rat Terrier had wormed his way into my heart and every time I found someone that might want him, I found something wrong with them. He came to live with me in August and finally by January the next year, I admitted he was mine. All the time up to that point I kept saying, "I don't want a dog, I don't want the responsibility of a dog". He has been with me 5.5 yrs. And kept me laughing almost all the time.

My first issue came with the fact that he followed me from room to room, and if I did not move fast enough for him, he took his nose and bumped the backside of my knee. So one day while painting the kitchen he was wearing out that last nerve you hear so much about. I put him out in the yard chained up. He kept barking. So I got the bright idea to put him on the deck and block off the stairs. LOL….I looked out and he was in the yard.

Next I just decided that I was chaining him up on the deck. I kept looking out on him since I was at the door painting anyway. Then one time I noticed that the rope looped around and went past the door and there is nothing but about 5 inches of deck there………where was the dog? I looked out and bless his heart, he was hanging! Yes, hanging off the side of the deck, front claws dug into the side and hanging on for dear life. If it had not been for the fact I was afraid he would break his neck or hang himself I would have made him stay there while I got the camera! But I did not, I got him down, laughing the whole time. Little did I know what was to come.

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Monday, October 29, 2012


Now doesn't he look like he is full of himself?
Like he is THE KING?
If you have not read the last post you might want
to jump back and read that.
This is Dakota, AKA The KING.
In his mind anyway..
About 2 years ago I noticed that Dakota was getting
"vocal".....He would make this low whin sound
deep in his throat when he wanted my attention.
But lately that has turned to a grunt. Yes, my dog
grunts like a pig. I really started to notice it
if I am not moving fast enough for him, like when
I am unlocking the door to go inside after being
somewhere. He is usually with me and he stands by
me, and grunts!
Usually when he sees me getting ready to go somewhere
he gets excited, his middle name should be "GO"..
But yesterday I was getting ready to go off and he
gets all excited dancing around. I went to put my shoes
on and told him he had to "stay". He lowered his
head and went upstairs. But....half way up the
stairs I heard a grunt!
Yes, he let me know that he was not happy about
having to stay home. I always thought it was neat
that my dog could not talk back like kids do...
but now mine does!
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Heat or No Heat

Last Sunday I got up and the inside of the house was
68 degrees.....I was loving it.
I wait to turn my heat on at the last min. and with that
I even shut the vent going into my bedroom cause I
like it cool.

Well Sunday like I said, it felt good to me. I was in
another room when Dakota AKA THE KING walked into
the room I was in, yes HIS HIGHNESS came to me,
looked up and proceeded to shiver from nose to
the tip of his tail.

Guess it was time for heat. I cut it on long enough
to knock the chill out but then it went off again.

Silly KING!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Colors in Tennessee

This year has been so much prettier with
fall colors than in the past few years.
I have not been out and about except going
to and from work so I have not gotten many fall
shots. But here is what I have gotten.
Added to the fall color I have a lot of these bugs...
Elderberry Bugs.
Red in color like the leaves on the trees.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have funny things happen all the time but to
see a movement out of the corner of my
eye while sitting in the livingroom kind of
surprised me tonight.
I stopped what I was doing and looked over to
see a brown spot (not much light on) hop
I had a tree frog in the house!
I sit here for a minute or two to decide how he
could have gotten in only to lose him
in the living room.
I tracked him to the wall next to the window.

Please ignore the dust on my white baseboards while
you look at this guy climbing behind the curtains.

I caught him.....in a cup. I was
not going to run around trying to catch him
any other way and I put him out on the
front porch. I think he will find his way home now.
I figure that he came in with a BIG peace lily
plant that a friend brought in for me a couple of weeks
ago. I moved that out of the living room to the kitchen
today and I must have shook him out, only thing
I can figure. But when I put him out it was
on the porch right next to where the lily had
sat all summer, just home that the lily
was not his home!
It was easier to get him out of the house then it was
to get the red bird out that flew in a few years ago.
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Night Out at Kim's

Last night I went to a friends house out in the
country for a get together and dinner.
We sat out in the nice cool weather on the patio and talked.
Felt great. I love this time of year.
Then I walked to the barn with Kim, Skip, and Bo to
check out the newborn ducks.
Okay, this has to be a first for me, standing in
a chicken coop! I am not a country girl at all, other
than my love for animals.
Aren't they pretty?
And friendly. Course Kim had to pick him up
and handed him to me but he was fine with it.
This is Kim's County Fair Prize Winning Roaster.
This is Kim standing on watching. I was
a tad bit nervous, afraid he would
decide to peck me. But this guy was nicer
towards me then my brothers bird.
Momma duck, sitting on about 8 to 10
eggs, best I could tell.
Kim was going to pick her up and check
out a baby that was hatched about 30 minutes before.
This was the first duck hatched. It was a little
older than the second one. Yes, that is
me holding that little baby.
Another first for me.
Kim and her baby, Blackie. This horse is so sweet.
This is the second horse that my grandson had
ever sat on or rode. Caleb had a major fear of
horses, until going to Kim's. She helped
him over come that fear, and Blackie
was amazing while Caleb set up on him and
took some riding lessons.
But now the fun of the night was to start.
Kim planned entertainment......us!
We were going to paint.
A Halloween painting...
This is the end result..
Back roll left to right~
Gail and neigbhor of Kim's.
Hidking back there is me with my painting.
Next to me is Jeremy, Kim's son.
Next, Skip - he went to the same school I did.
Melanie, I met through another friend.
Front roll, left .to right~
Dennis, hubby to Gail.
next to Kim is Bonita, went to school with her.
And next to Bo is Sam, Melanie's fellow.
Isn't this so funny?
And one more shot of all of us with our paintings.
This is my painting.
Thanks Kim and Jeremy, I had a great time, thanks for
the invite, the great dinner, the fun and laughs,
the painting time and the adventure with your
Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pennies for your Thoughts

Shoulder is healing.....after 8 weeks the doc
allowed me to go back to work full time.
Today was my first full day.
Still not allowed to lift over 5 lbs and
having issues raising my arm more then
half way out to the side.
Hoping that PT will help break that up if not....
question is will the doc have to go back in
and cut that away....we will see.
So to help pass the time since I have not been crafting
I am posting pics from the past!
This one I call ~ Pennies for you thoughts.
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Sunday, October 14, 2012


At the end of August my friend Brian was blessed
to become a Papa. His first grandson, Nolan was born.
And he is a very PROUD papa.
By all means he should be....isn't this little fellow
a doll?
Nolan came to town this weekend to visit Papa.
And the family had a great big family dinner.

Little Nolan still sleeps a lot. But that is okay cause
everyone wanted to hold him.

This is Nolan's dad, Brian's son, Eric.
I watched Eric with Nolan and he is going to
make a great dad.

But there is nothing better than a Mom's love!

It's always fun to enjoy their family dinners and
get togethers but I truely enjoyed it this time...
meeting Baby Nolan was so nice.
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Friday, October 12, 2012

All About the Games

Not been crafting, not been out with the camera
not doing much but continuing with
my PT for the shoulder and working 4 hours a day.....
that is till Monday comes around.
Doc. appt. was yesterday and I have been released
for full duty at work. Still limited on
the pounds I can lift, nothing over 5 lbs.
Continue with PT since apparently the reason
I can't lift my arm very high to the side,
scare tissue. I return back in 4 weeks to see
where we are with that.
But since I have not been busy lately my blog
today will consist of games!
Okay, pics of games that I play with my grandson.
This one is on a timer and you have to be fast!
It is also lots of fun for adults to try and beat it.
Caleb and I love to line these up on the kitchen floor,
not really playing, just so we can touch the first
and knock them all down.

Whoops....okay, so I really don't know how to play
this but, Caleb and I were just messing around with
these guys.

Checkers......I really don't like this game. Caleb
always beats me.....always.

Pool....I love to play pool. Makes for a cool shot.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Don't you just love it when a memory of your children
as small kids comes to you. It always brings a
smile to my face.
But when a memory is brought to your attention
it makes you smile even bigger.
My daughter met a little girl in kindergarten,
Jessica Cherry. They hit it off and became the
best of friends. Jessica came and stayed
the night a lot of times at our house.
My daughter is almost 32 now and she has
3 beautiful boys. Jessica would be either
32 or about to be and she has two beautiful
My daughter, Amber with her
youngest, Braden
And this is Jessica.

Jessica lives a couple of hours away from us now
so her and Amber don't get to see each other.
When Amber's 1st born was little, Jessica
came to town.
This is her and Caleb.

Oh, but I have gotten all the way off track...
Amber was not the only child I had, there was my son,
Cory. Cory was 6.5 years younger then these two girls....
and he was crushing big time on Jessica.
My son Cory.
At about 3 or 4 years old he LOVED Jessica so
much that one morning while I was making breakfast
I hear Cory knock on his sister's door and say,
"Jessica Cherry, I love you"
"Jessica Cherry, will you marry me"?
How adorable is that?
Now all these years have flown by but thanks
to facebook we are all able to remain friends and
have contact.
Today on private message over facebook Jessica
sent a message to Amber, Cory and myself telling
us that while going through some old letters she
ran across mail from Amber and this....
This really brought back some memories today.
Thank you Jessica for saving this all these years and
for sending this message to us all.
We love you girl and you will always be a fantastic
memory in my heart.
Thank you for stopping in,

Friday, October 5, 2012

Winter Scarf

Trying to find things that I can do that
 will not affect my shoulder. I still have
pain but I understand that is a given....
I found I can do this holding my arm close to
my body and it does not hurt that bad.
I finished this up the other night.
A few years ago I got on a roll and made
a lot of scarfs that I gave away here
and there..

Love doing things with my hands.
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Braden's 2nd Birthday

September 20, 2010 this little man came into the
Braden Joshua, my 3rd grandson.
This is Braden today, two years old.
When Braden's oldest brother, Caleb was the only one, I
started a tradition of making and decorating
his birthday cake.
I have only missed once.
But then came two more boys, and I
continued the tradition for them also.
Braden's cake this year.
Since I just had shoulder surgery I knew I could
not do a lot of squeezing of the icing bags, better
yet I knew it would be hard to make the icing.
So this time I just used store bought icing.
For the dirt in the truck and around the cake, I
used crushed Oreo cookies and for the rocks
I used peanuts. Of course I bought some trucks
for the topping.
Thought it turned out neat.
Braden loved the cake which made me really
happy to see his face light up.
At this point he wanted to play with the trucks.
I just had to take this shot.....candle, cake and finger
up your nose!
Love the look upon his face....
Forget the fork, just dig in.
But what was I to do with the rest of the cookies.....
Yes, now that is what I call GOOD!
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