The Adventure Begins

I have done the last two post on my dog Dakota, AKA The KING, AKA His Highness so I thought I would continue with that theme in the way of telling you stories about this dog. I for one have never been around a dog like him before. It has been an experience for sure.

My daughter had gotten Dakota as a puppy for my grandson Caleb. She had in her mind that he needed a dog but at that age, Caleb was not interested in a dog so he did what all boys do…….chased him and scared him! Six months after getting the dog Amber moved and could not take him with her. This is what I heard, "mom can you keep him for a few days till we find him a home"…LOL….

They never tried but I did. Problem was, this little Rat Terrier had wormed his way into my heart and every time I found someone that might want him, I found something wrong with them. He came to live with me in August and finally by January the next year, I admitted he was mine. All the time up to that point I kept saying, "I don't want a dog, I don't want the responsibility of a dog". He has been with me 5.5 yrs. And kept me laughing almost all the time.

My first issue came with the fact that he followed me from room to room, and if I did not move fast enough for him, he took his nose and bumped the backside of my knee. So one day while painting the kitchen he was wearing out that last nerve you hear so much about. I put him out in the yard chained up. He kept barking. So I got the bright idea to put him on the deck and block off the stairs. LOL….I looked out and he was in the yard.

Next I just decided that I was chaining him up on the deck. I kept looking out on him since I was at the door painting anyway. Then one time I noticed that the rope looped around and went past the door and there is nothing but about 5 inches of deck there………where was the dog? I looked out and bless his heart, he was hanging! Yes, hanging off the side of the deck, front claws dug into the side and hanging on for dear life. If it had not been for the fact I was afraid he would break his neck or hang himself I would have made him stay there while I got the camera! But I did not, I got him down, laughing the whole time. Little did I know what was to come.

Thanks for stopping in, Pam


oh my gosh! poor dakota hanging there!

I hope you don't chain him's so dangerous.

I have Louie under the same circumstances. He was jamie's, he came for the summer and never left. Of course now he's mine, and she'd never get him back if she tried.

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