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Deck Time - Coffee/Hammock/Animals/Candy/ RAINS ART DATE -

MORNING! For those of you sweet bloggers that have been following me since last summer you know being retired I started all my mornings on the  deck with coffee, laptop and  furbabes. With that said you also know that the deck was slow in coming around this yr. Usually I had it ready in March and  would bring a throw out to cover up with on  cooler morns.  Yep, got the deck up and going last  week. But with the way life has been my heart was not in it.  Course working now throws that off also.  Well, IT'S FRIDAY and I  don't work so here I am~ (for those wondering..haha if any- that is a clay pot sauce that I painted  last yr for coasters on the deck)... Coffee on the deck! I had planned on making it to  TN School for the Blind's graduation this morning but I stayed out on the deck late last night and due to CRAP  I mean, beautiful spring like items in bloom I woke with a major rear kicking headache, a

Grief Support/ Nashville and Gears

Not reported in much about  mom lately so I did want to  tell you that I did go to one session at the Grief Support. It helped to talk. Need to sat up another appt. I am doing better. I don't cry everyday  like I was. I have not BALLED in  sometime. I even have found the old me coming out from time to time with dancing and singing around the house. THEN I go it Goodwill the other day on the way home from work. I looked up and there stood a shorter older woman, short gray hair... for one split second I thought, "what is mom doing here"? Then that second past and tears came. I had to walk away.  I cried all the way home.  Moving on.. This is the site I saw coming out of work today. RAIN was coming. I could smell it. It did rain but we could stand to have more. 93 yesterday! HOT AND HUMID. Came out of the bldg. to walk to the  parking lot today, it was 80. Wind was blowing a cool breeze and the

This and That

You know I love Wizard of  Oz stuff. Saw these and I love them. Yep, sometimes I wonder how they get to and from work. I have heard this before. what is your favor way to eat steak? Me~ I used to be a 5. Chew, chew, chew.... now I go for four, but other then that.... Not eating my steak mooing! Conversation with my son today and  we were talking about this. He said one time he was out eating steak and everytime he stuck the fork in and started to cut he would moo. He would then say, "shhh, its okay"! He said there was two older ladies sitting next to them and they asked for another table! Yep...he's my son! I was in Kroger today and walked down the baby stuff row. I saw a plastic plate but so different then the ones I used. Whatever happened to the  bowls that you put hot water in and it kept the food warm.    Trying to clean out my BLOG folder and a lot of this stuff i