This and That

You know I love Wizard of 
Oz stuff.
Saw these and I love them.

Yep, sometimes I wonder how they
get to and from work.

I have heard this before. what is your favor
way to eat steak?

Me~ I used to be a 5.
Chew, chew, chew....
now I go for four, but other
then that....
Not eating my steak mooing!

Conversation with my son today and 
we were talking about this.
He said one time he was out eating
steak and everytime he stuck the fork
in and started to cut he would moo.
He would then say, "shhh, its okay"!
He said there was two older ladies sitting
next to them and they asked for another table!
Yep...he's my son!

I was in Kroger today and walked
down the baby stuff row.
I saw a plastic plate but so different
then the ones I used.
Whatever happened to the 
bowls that you put hot water in
and it kept the food warm.

Trying to clean out my BLOG folder and
a lot of this stuff is things
I had saved to blog about.

I had this one sat back for a couple
of months but with the recently 
small side tables by the bed that I
posted the other day and a lot of you
said you liked the stool as a night stand.
I love this below.

My aunt tagged me on this pic
below on fb. 
I love this. 
Problem, I only have two sides
of my shed that I can see.
One side faces the creek, the back side
faces out to the backyard. 
I only see the front and the one
side. Both are already painted on.

Here is the pics of my front and sides.. know me, I can't have just
an plain ole shed without taking
my paints to it. I have till Sunday and then
I have to have the rental car turned back in.
Insurance finally got all the info they needed.
Made the offer on what they are giving 
me for my car now I need to 
get things moving on my end.
Not happy with the price they
are giving me but not surprised...
just think it sucks that they get
to decide if they fix or total.
I am lucky I have money to 
buy something else but what if I did 
not have it on hand???
I could not afford a note.
Its already bad enough that I 
am having to work to feed animals...
Go back full time to pay a car note??
Yep, not happy.


Christine said…
I don't get the wizard of oz one so can't pass it on. Love the steak one.
Christine said…
Can you believe I googled the answer to the 'pass it on' wow meme? Haha
I love the Facebook one! What a brilliant idea with the rosemary or sage. The stool idea is fabulous, particularly with how the foot bar is useable. I love the sunflower on your shed!
wisps of words said…
Yes, those little sectioned dishes, you poured hot water into the plugged hole, and it supposedly kept the baby's dinner warm!!!!!!

My husband is always bemoaning the fact, that they don't have a way, today.... To keep dinner plates hot! And we think back to those.

NanaDiana said…
Love the painted shed/garage, Pam. LOL- about the brainless scarecrow-my grandboy recently watched that movie and thought the flying monkeys were 'freaky'. lol
I am glad the car situation is getting resolved. Too bad it is not as good as you hoped it would be.
Have a wonderful Wednesday-xo Diana
Rain said…
That sucks about the car. I think insurance companies work overtime to find reasons to cheat people...

I LOVE that shed painting! That is so neat!
Love the jokes and some awesome outside idea too. I like my steak around a 3.
Brian said…
Well, at least you can get something done car wise. Love the Facebook funny!!!
Ann said…
I prefer my steak at #3. That's too funny about your son. I can't believe the other people asked to be moved. I would find that really amusing.
I like the idea for the stool in the bathroom too.
Sandee said…
Love the steak one. I don't like mine rare, but it doesn't bother me when others do. I would have laughed if I'd been sitting near.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Liz A. said…
Sorry about your car. But they're in the busines of paying out as little as possible...
Darla M Sands said…
What a cute plate! I am sorry for all your trials. ~hugs~ Be well!

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