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Done Deal, Fall Color, Paint Class, New Man, Treat, and Soup, Cats and Broom

Well, what was I thinking? HAHA After laying on my couch in so much pain all summer, I knew moving closer to  Amber was the thing to do, The timing of finding my dream home was off. However, Two days of Open House and I have a contract. Selling as is, minor repairs.  Inspection to be done after  the work in the  den and BR is done. The process of getting here while just a couple of weeks of healing was a challenge. My daughter was a big  help weekend before  last. I just collect to many projects that I  never get around to and that has to stop. I have to say, last time  was easier, I had moved into my childhood home before I sold the other, so it was empty when sold. EASIER. I hate moving so close to Christmas but it is  what it is. Fall seems to have made it to us the past week. I am surprised, we were losing so many leaves due to no rain,  glad to have some color. In between packing, cleaning, repairs and life in general, I have  managed to do a few things. I taught a paint class an


I was asked on here and on FB and in person about  why I did not wait till spring to move... I found this place is why and really did not wish to chance losing it. Brand new, two lane little  highway in the  heart of  HICKSVILLE USA aka Nunnelly TN!   I was asked would I have chickens since I am outside the  city limits, truth be know, I am not sure there is a  city limits!! NO, to the FOWL weathered friends. I have me, and two cats, I don't need or want more to care for. Its been crazy here, trying to  do what I needed  to do and still healing.. but I just excepted a contract  on my house.  The couple can not close till Dec 12th and the guy I  am buying from is willing to wait! This might be happening. Not only have I been packing  and preparing the house to sell, I have contract workers here. Remember the sewer back  up I had in June, well, it was worse than I thought, it traveled along  the baseboards affecting the paneling. Anyway, with  right at 9000 bucks of work, that will b

Busting Rear

 MORNING... I have not forgotten about  any of you  bloggers out there, I have been busy. Yes, working my rear off to ready this place, my childhood home..... for sale.  In hopes that my next move is to  the new adventure in my life to this place. I will be back.  My thoughts are still with you Dad and Mom, with your adjustment of life without Brian. Hoping that after Friday, and Sat., things will slow down some.... those are open house days. Wish me luck. Pam  

Oh my, Oh my, What have I been up too?

 Oh my,  oh my,  oh my, You will be totally surprised at what  I have been up to!! I bought a house! SAY WHAT? Yep, during the  to the past six to seven months of being down thanks to Stoner and the issues  with infections and stuff since my three surgeries, I had  time to think! Sometimes, me just doing  comes out better than my  thinking it through. However, sometimes a  combo of both works good also. My thoughts through this  yr. have been,  redo upstairs to be able to locate a place for the washer and dryer. But then there was the issue of  all the steps and how between the Fibro, back issues and hip issues how I could live my life out  here. But being sick,  alone (some of that my choice), my daughter being a basket  case living 1 hr and 15 mins down the road and having  to get kids up and going  and her job there, I decided a move was best. After the move to the  childhood home, I thought  that would be my last. But, I am not sure how to go about that, to be an answer that really

The Witch is In, Cat Tree, Cats, Bug, Night out with Wine

 Hey witches the sign is out! Went by my brothers house  to crop him off some soup I made and  I saw this in the yard. A dead portion of  a tree, planted in the  yard. Mark is going to  but some pieces of wood on it for the  outside cats have a CAT TREE! I love it. Recently, there are three new additions to the Montgomery Cat Homestead! One of the new ones is this beautiful Siamesa cat, love the blue eyes, Now sure which one this is, either Vit C or Vit D,  but he sure does have  a costly seat on that Porsche. cat When I headed to Mark's  house, I was about out of  my hood when I felt like I got stung in my right  side, twice. I pulled over, jumped out, shook my shirt and nothing came out. Looked it the car and there on my seat was the  biggest uglies  bug I ever saw. I caught it and showed Mark when I got there. It bit me twice, it hurt like crap and  it burned for a long  time after. According to my great FB friends, I was told this was an  assissan bug. I wanted to kill it but M