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Painting Tables/Surprise Photography/Paintings Hung

I have people that always tag me on things they find of fb that they think I would like. This being one. Here is another one.... really cute. Then my aunt tagged me on this last night.   No one tagged me in  this but instead I shared it with Julie at TN Tiny weddings.  A photographer was photographing a  couple for engagement pics when she told them to remain still and not move there was a deer behind them. There was several shots and folks on the property where they were shooting apparently know this little guys cause they were telling the couple not to be scared, he was friendly.  The story went on to say  that the deer walked around them, looked at them and kept eating as he strolled by. Julie has one the comes  around to her place so I  told her this would be so cool while shooting  wedding pics! I would be beside myself!! The only thing that I had happen that comes close to that

This and That

Everleigh update~ She is doing great. Amber went to see her the other day and she had just taken 31 ml from her bottle.  Still as a way to go  but doing great! This will be one of those this and that post of things I found on FB and some of my finds. This pic is from the internet! OH my gosh although I am  not a big Flamingo  fan I love the colors. There are a lot of days that I might not get out at all and would not if it was  not for barn feeding time.  But the with taking care of  James and Julies dogs for a couple of days I decided to make the most of it and  drove around some.  I also did that when I was headed to the marina down the street the other night. I take off trying to find roads and places I have not been  just to look around and maybe find that perfect shot. I was in this neighbor and  of normal size homes and BAM I went around a curve and saw this!   I thought I was som

Yesterday ~ Necklaces and Prayer Blankets

So how long does your hugs last? Friday, Saturday and  yesterday I was taking care of Laney and Rain. My friends Julie and James were in a class those days.  They would leave these two in  the fence when they left in the morning and  before the heat of the  day kicked in I went and  let them in. Yesterday I got there to let them in and saw this on the outdoor table. I played with the girls a bit before opening my gifts. But was a surprised when  I did. BEAUTIFUL! As Julie put it, Rain and Laney knew I liked BLING and Jewerly.  I love them both. After leaving the dogs I  met my sis in law to have lunch. Lunch in which she  wanted to treat me to. After lunch I went  by my friend Treva's house to pick up a prayer blanket that she made for Everleigh. Isn't this beautiful?   Oh Treva~ THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. But for the second time Sunday I was surprised

Painted Rug/ Cardinal and Friends

I had several not so productive days....haha okay I admit it there are always a lot of those.  When I feel decent I have to weigh my TO DO LIST and MY WANT TO  DO LIST to see what I can get done in a day. Yesterday morning I made  coffee and washed some dishes then I was ready for a nap... and it was not even 9:30 in the morn. I laid down for a bit then I  ran to a friends to let their dogs in.  Back home. I was up, and I was  moving so I decided  gaging my pain that I needed to push and do something. I picked something off the WANT TO DO LIST! Last yr I painted a worn  faded looking rug on  my deck.  I managed that but never got around  to sealing it. With the winter, walking on it, it wore more even though the deck is covered. I decided although I love the worn look I needed to go with bright and fun. So I pulled out my paints... been months, and  started on the new rug. It still has a