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Ornaments, Car and Pic

Merry first of Dec.   Running behind so  badly this yr. My heart just has  not been up to  it. But, I have gotten  some ornaments  made. I bought these first two from Hobby Lobby, painted the name and year on  there, attached a ribbon to the back for hanging. Braden is my baseball player. DJ is my  football player.. This was just a  plain wooden ornament I picked up and painted for Amber. These three I got at Dollar Tree. Decorated them for the kids. Felicity's for the first Christmas Boog is Felicity's older brother and Evie is Everleigh. Amber took me Monday to  my colon test and I gave these to her so that she could get to the ones they go too.  I have more I am working on, just need to  put a fire under my rear. Dealing with car issues right now. On the way to the venue on Tuesday, my car went from perfect to  reading HOT in a snap of a finger. I pulled over, called a tow and it's in the shop. Might or might not be an easy fix. Apparently, the tube that runs from the an

History on the River, I DO DREAM TEAM

 I hate seeing history destroyed. Monday morning a fire was reported at this log cabin.   This place hugs the rocky banks of Stones River, not five mins from the house. I have never known that area without this place. I rode over the bridge Tuesday and tried to get a good pic without stopping other You can see where the window upstairs is blown out, chard around the edges. Other places seemed to be chard also and the window on the bottom is boarded up.  There is a greenway walk around this area that actually goes past this, I need to grab my camera and do that one day just to get shots. The story behind this place is that it was moved here in 1930's by  Dempsey Weaver Cantrell  for his wife Nora. She wrote poems and she called all her poems  songs. She named this place Eversong. This is where she went to write.  This is the home that Dempsey Cantrell built for him and his wife, it  is up from the river home. This home was built in 1918. Now a wedding venue and  owned and

Tree Pics, 2nd Tree, Snowman Hat and Deck Dinning

 I so wanted to sell my home on  Catskill and buy a one level.... and then I bought my childhood home! No one level for sure  which is making it hard to get my Christmas  stuff drug up for  decorating! However, like I shared the other day, I got my tree up. Last night I played around with the cell and the tree. My friend Krystal made me a gnome for my tree.  I did get a burst of energy  to put up  a 2nd tree. It was really simple.  Haha I have always wanted to make one of these and as of yet, have not. You could be so creative as you want with these. I am so far behind this yr that it sure is not going to happen  now. Maybe next! More versions of Snowman hat... This would be an  easy fix for my deck. Might be a cool thing to do  so that I can have dinners out  there in the spring. Hope you are having  a good week so far. Pam

Sleeping on the Job, Tree, Snowperson, and Remote Holder

 Yesterday's blog I mentioned that there is always a lot going on behind the  scenes at the venue... this was taken over the  summer by Lisa. I took a nap (not really) on the bed of Ole Blue, on in front of the  Love Shack while the  couple was getting married on the other side of the Love Shack! It is DONE.... Finally, it only took four days. One to put the tree up. One to put the ribbon on. One for nothing done. One for oranments. Now to see it I can manage the wreathes on the  windows outside. That is easy, I have windows that fold in but today the wind is blow hard and I still have to  unpack them. I made my first  sock snowperson. Took a pic and posted on FB when a friend asked where the nose was! HAHA I painted it, set it aside to dry and forgot it. I added the nose with  the reminder. That makes all the  difference! How did I make that nose... toothpick with the end dipped in orange paint. This next project was very simple and I had it done in no time. I have a lot of jeans,

Cornbread, Used Cats, Behind the Scenes

Liz over at  Laws of Gravit y made some pumpkin cornbread from a post I did a few weeks ago. Beautiful Deck and Cornbread ( I have not made it myself but it sounded so good. Liz says that it was great. Yay, nice to know. Thanks Liz. Here is an FYI for you, I dated a guy that would make cornbread adding small cups of friut. It was good. Any kind you  wanted. I add rosemary, basil or just whatever comes to mind. I however, don't make it often. Jeanie over at The Marmelade Gypsy commented on one of my post telling me that all  her cats have been USED. What a need way of putting it. Both my babes were not used, however, their mom's were. Both Lily and Misty were born to feral mom's. Lily was rescued when  mom was caught and  was going to be fixed, and  put back out. Only mom  was not put back out, she was taken in and loved,  living in a loving home and not having to face the life on the streets anymore. Misty, I was the lucky one (as well as

All Done, Cup, Money and Kitchen

 It's done! Oops, maybe not completely done. I got the black tree up, Had to put lights on  the bottom, seems  after one use, the bottom roll has burn out.  Course, could be a lose bulb but I was not hunting  it down.  Oh yeah it needs ornaments too! BUT it is  UP! haha What I was really going  for was to say  FINALLY,  and I have never been this late,  my card is painted.  Cutting it close for sure. My friend, Pam, brought me this cup home from  the mountains for me taking care of the cats. I changed out my purse and wallet yesterday before heading to Amber's and found eight bucks in the one I was going to use. Later, when I was getting dressed I put on a pair on paints I wore for  a couple of hours, weeks ago and found a 20 in the pocket! I love days like that,  but when I am prob facing, I need to check all my purses and wallets! The day before Thanksgiving  I noticed a puddle coming out from under the car, and that is never a good sign.  But, in a hurry I did not think much