Ornaments, Car and Pic

Merry first of
Running behind so 
badly this yr.
My heart just has 
not been up to 

But, I have gotten 
some ornaments 

I bought these first
two from
Hobby Lobby, painted
the name and year on 
there, attached a ribbon
to the back for hanging.

Braden is my
baseball player.

DJ is my 
football player..

This was just a 
plain wooden
ornament I picked up
and painted for Amber.

These three I got
at Dollar Tree.
Decorated them for
the kids.

Felicity's for the first Christmas
Boog is Felicity's older brother
and Evie is Everleigh.

Amber took me Monday to 
my colon test and I gave
these to her so that
she could get to the ones
they go too. 

I have more I am working
on, just need to 
put a fire under my rear.

Dealing with car issues
right now. On the way
to the venue on Tuesday,
my car went from perfect to 
reading HOT in a snap of
a finger. I pulled over, called
a tow and it's in the shop.

Might or might not be an easy
fix. Apparently, the tube that
runs from the antifreeze to engine
hooks into a part at the engine. That
part is corroded. Now, the problem is, 
is that part at the engine actually made 
on to the engine, or does it
come off. If it's made on, oh
my gosh, a new engine and the
car is not worth it. 
The issue also being that the
area that part is on, you can't
get to without taking the car
Right now I am at 105 to 
tow it to the shop.
There will be another 300 
to pull it apart,
and that is just to find out
if the corroded part is
replaceable or not. 
Then we go from there!


Now to leave you with 
a smile...
the photographer
has gifted us with
another pic today..

So much fun.



Christine said…
Happy December, we should all slow down.
Rhodesia said…
Love that last photo, Keep well, Diane
Liz A. said…
I'm not feeling Christmas this year. Everyone's getting giftcards.

I hope it's an easy fix for your car. (I just had to replace a headlight. That was an easy fix. I hope yours is easier.)
Darla M Sands said…
Best wishes, my dear. Car issues are not fun.
The Happy Whisk said…
Sorry to read about the car, that's never fun. This past season we weren't into Halloween like we normally were. Though family members sick and one passed so that could be part of it. Christmas, we're into this year. Though I get it. Some years are different than others.
Sandee said…
I love Christmas, but we don't decorate anymore. Ladders and us just done mix.

Love the shot of you and your co-workers.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Brian said…
The ornaments are very pretty but dang, the car problem sure sucks. Love that fun group photo!
Ann said…
The ornaments all look great.
Yikes on the car trouble. Hope it's an easy fix.

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