Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Axis of the Earth

Hey everyone!

I 2012 the rumor going around was
that the Axis of the Earth was perfect
for standing a broom up and it would
stay that way. LOL.....I don't fall for
that stuff but for the fun of it I stood
the broom in the corner of the kitchen
just to see how long it would stand.
It was out of the way so it was
able to stand for a week or so.

A couple of months later I ran
across the pic I took of my
broom standing on my phone.
I had just gotten an app for
Ghost Exposure, so I decided
to play!

See the ghost pic of the little

HAHA.....well I could not leave it like that.

I have lived in my home for 25 yrs.
I have no history of the home but I
do know that it is haunted. Stop laughing
at me. Anyway, I have always told
my mom that it was so......after
adding the little girl to the pic
I sent it to my mom and told her that
I took the pic the night before and
the broom was still standing. I did
not mention the little girl.

I left it at that. Totally forgetting that
I had done that while I worked the
rest of the day. Running by her house
to get my dog that evening, as I entered
the house and headed up the stairs. Mom
was sitting at her computer and she
called out for me to come there. hit me, I remembered what
I did!

I buried my smile and went to the
computer room. She said, "look at this".
I leaned over her shoulder and said, "yep,
I sent you that so you could see the broom
still standing". Biting back the laugh.

She went on and said, " No look at the
little girl, where did she come from"?
I then asked what little girl and she
pointed her out. I acted dumb and
stated that she was not in the pic when
I took it and where did she come from?

My mom said, "well you said your house
was haunted, now you have proof"....

I lost it. I busted out laughing, then I
had to own up to what I had done!
Mom has been at the end of some
of my other jokes also.

On a sad note, my heart is
breaking tonight for my brother
and his family. They had to
have their dog put down

Dinky had liver cancer really bad.
I hurt for my brother, he loves
his animals so much and this
is the 3rd dog in a couple
of yrs that he has lost.

Thumper was 17 yrs old.
And Red was probably around
12 (rescue). Not sure
of Dinky's age since he
picked them as his new
family. He showed up one day
and he was dirty and a mess.
They called him Stinky.
After feeding and taking care
of Stinky, they were able
to bathe him and then he
became Dinky.

He took to Mark, Kim and
Holly but NO ONE
else. I would feed him in
the summer when they would
take vacation and because of his
reaction to others, he had to be penned
for me to be able to feed him.
My nickname for him was the
Devil Dog.
He had a good life after
Mark took him in, he was
well loved. He will be missed.

Thank you always for stopping by,

RIP Dinky

ZUZU will miss you.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages to weight loss
weight loss! haha
I am now off 4 meds.
My liver enzymes are
All in all I
am healthier.

I can paint my toe nails.
I feel bones I could not
feel before.
I can cross my legs.
New clothes!

And there are many more


But there are disadvantages also.
I have to remember DAILY to
take 3 multi vits a day
3 chewable calcium a day (total
1500 mg)
a vit D a day
and a vit B12 once a week.
Because your body does not
absorb vits like it used to.

I can't take whole pills for
fear of chocking. I have
to crush them or take
apart and sprinkle on my

With the issue of absorbing vits
comes hair loss.
Right now by the handful.

Dark circles under my
eyes. Deep dark making
me look sick. This is due
to losing of fat and collagen.

With all the advantages and disadvantages
there was hope.

I had heard for so long that
changing the way you eat
will help with fibro pain and

That is not true.
I hoped.
The pain and fatigue has
not changed.
It has not gotten better.
I have been a bit down with
the fact that I had gotten my hopes up,
and I was let down.

I guess that this is something
I will have to continue to live

This is how it goes, a good day but
you pay.

Thank you for stopping in to visit,

Farmhouse Bench

Yesterday I showed you the
farmhouse bench I
threw together in 30 mins.

Today I spray painted it. I buy Valspar that has
the primer in it so that is one less step
I have to take.

And now I have it in place.

Thanks for dropping in,

Monday, May 29, 2017

Today's Adventures

Love checking out
the flowers in my
garden. This plant esp.
It is a Spiderswort.
Becoming one of my favs.

Peek a boo with the Cala Lily.

Sometime ago when posting
pics of the yard and gardens
I mentioned that I would not post
of the deck cause it was a mess.
Well.....I cleaned it up a bit
today. I had wood stored
on there over the winter and I
finally got it to the shed.

I made this to hang on the deck
a couple months ago. It
hangs right by the back door
and the edge of the deck.

My mom made this years ago
but handed it down to me
for my deck.
I of course thought it
looked cool on the door.

Standing at the edge of my deck
looking back to the other end.
As you can tell the KING
never leaves the area I am in.
So he was hanging on the deck
with me.

The other side. My fav place to
sit, the glider. Dakota
usually sits beside me but today
he was wanting to be under
me but have his space too.

My mom brought this plant over
today for me to put out on the
deck. The table I made a couple
of years ago. It is an iron plant
stand turned upside down and
a piece of 12x12 tile attached to

The next two tables I picked up
at Old Time Pottery
for a little bit of nothing.

The light!
Since most of you were not
following me then I will tell you
about this light, which I love.
My brother had this metal stand
at his house for years. I waited
to see if he would ever do anything with
it and he had not, so I asked if I could
have it. I took it to my friends house,
sanded the rust off, primed and painted
it. Then my friend helped me to
wire it for the light.
Great reading on the deck at
night with this baby.

Yes, my painting. Still have not
finished outlining it, sealing it or
framing it out. Really need to get
going on

Today, Dakota and I hung on the deck
from morning till around 5 this evening.
Around 3 it started to get warm so
I turned on the box fan.
Helps a lot.

My sitting area....haha
guess I should remove the
tag off the cushion!

My outside dinner table.
It was white and in the fall when
my handy man finished screening in
the deck I spray painted the
table and chairs to match
my color scheme and the back

Right before coming in I decided
to work on a project I had in mind.
Felt like I needed to do something
even though I weeded two flower
beds and cleaned the deck.

Probably be down for several days
after this...

But here is my project.
A farmers bench to go behind
the front door.
Once it is painted I will
show it again and where it
is placed.

Loved this project.
Cut wood.
Pieced together
and it took
all of 30 mins!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit,

Memorial Day

This morning I sat
on my deck enjoying
a cool 76 degrees and listening
to the birds singing all
around me.

I have my trusty side kick with me
as always. He is honoring
Memorial Day
by wearing his Red, White and Blue.

To all the men and women whom
have given so much
to protect our country.

My Dad, who gave
22 yrs of his life to the Navy.

I thank you and all the others that
have protected our shores.

Bless you all.
Have a blessed Memorial Day.

Thanks for dropping in for a visit,

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Happy 6th Anniversary Britney and Cory

Wishing my beautiful daughter
in law and my handsome
son a very Happy 6th

I love you both with
all my heart!

Thanks for stopping in,

Birds in the Yard

 Hello friends.

This morning Dakota and I sat out on the
deck, it was a nice 71 cool degrees after
a night of storms and rain. The birds were
singing and flying around and it was
so peaceful.

In the pic above I am standing on the
deck looking into my Crepe Myrtle
at the bird house I hung a couple
months ago. I had been sitting there
listening to this one bird that
I was not sure what it was and
was not sure where it was
coming from. Then I saw her, on the
branch next to the bird house and
she was loud! She would speak out
and another bird, same talk as her
would speak up from in the
trees on the creek.

I then realized where that noise was
coming from....her and him.
Then I realized why. She flew from
branch to branch checking things
out before flying onto the bird house.

And then I realized I heard babies
too. I watched him and her
do this for a long time.
Such a pleasure.

Here is mom. Waiting, looking
and checking things out.

Then over to the house she went.

While watching them I realized
up above my head was
a  pair of male and female
red birds.

Dakota and I headed to moms
and sat on her deck for a bit.

A week ago mom had a pair of
blue birds that had hatched their
babies in the birdhouse

(sorry, back shot of the house)

Once the babies flew away, mom
and dad were gone also.

Mom and I sat on her deck and
discussed that no other birds
had moved in yet.
For years now, one set would move
out and another would move

Mom went in and while I sat
there I saw movement
at the bird house.

A wren had gone inside and
had proceeded to take up
"cleaning house"!!
While inside I would see it
stick its head out and drop
something to the ground. I
noticed then that it was throwing
feathers out!

I sat in shock as I watched the
wren continue to clean
the bird house out!
I busted out laughing and
got some funny looks
from the dogs!
So funny, never knew that
a bird would clean house!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit,