Today's Adventures

Love checking out
the flowers in my
garden. This plant esp.
It is a Spiderswort.
Becoming one of my favs.

Peek a boo with the Cala Lily.

Sometime ago when posting
pics of the yard and gardens
I mentioned that I would not post
of the deck cause it was a mess.
Well.....I cleaned it up a bit
today. I had wood stored
on there over the winter and I
finally got it to the shed.

I made this to hang on the deck
a couple months ago. It
hangs right by the back door
and the edge of the deck.

My mom made this years ago
but handed it down to me
for my deck.
I of course thought it
looked cool on the door.

Standing at the edge of my deck
looking back to the other end.
As you can tell the KING
never leaves the area I am in.
So he was hanging on the deck
with me.

The other side. My fav place to
sit, the glider. Dakota
usually sits beside me but today
he was wanting to be under
me but have his space too.

My mom brought this plant over
today for me to put out on the
deck. The table I made a couple
of years ago. It is an iron plant
stand turned upside down and
a piece of 12x12 tile attached to

The next two tables I picked up
at Old Time Pottery
for a little bit of nothing.

The light!
Since most of you were not
following me then I will tell you
about this light, which I love.
My brother had this metal stand
at his house for years. I waited
to see if he would ever do anything with
it and he had not, so I asked if I could
have it. I took it to my friends house,
sanded the rust off, primed and painted
it. Then my friend helped me to
wire it for the light.
Great reading on the deck at
night with this baby.

Yes, my painting. Still have not
finished outlining it, sealing it or
framing it out. Really need to get
going on

Today, Dakota and I hung on the deck
from morning till around 5 this evening.
Around 3 it started to get warm so
I turned on the box fan.
Helps a lot.

My sitting area....haha
guess I should remove the
tag off the cushion!

My outside dinner table.
It was white and in the fall when
my handy man finished screening in
the deck I spray painted the
table and chairs to match
my color scheme and the back

Right before coming in I decided
to work on a project I had in mind.
Felt like I needed to do something
even though I weeded two flower
beds and cleaned the deck.

Probably be down for several days
after this...

But here is my project.
A farmers bench to go behind
the front door.
Once it is painted I will
show it again and where it
is placed.

Loved this project.
Cut wood.
Pieced together
and it took
all of 30 mins!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit,


H.R. Bennett said…
It's absolutely lovely. It makes me miss my old place out in North Carolina. You've done a wonderful job with the space you have.
Darla M Sands said…
Always so creative. Lovely deck!
MadSnapper said…
your deck is perfect, love the rock, love the glider, love the new lamp, and would like to sit and glide and enjoy the yard... that hummingbird is beautiful
What a great project! Love your deck too! Sounds like the perfect place to spend the day!! Thanks for stopping over!
Cat Lover said…
Oh Pam, your deck looks so lovely! My deck does not have a roof so I really don't want much out there. Maybe someday I will have a covered one!
Love your new bench, can't wait to see it painted.
Take care.
Debbie said…
a cute and very cozy deck. i planted my vegetables this past weekend and we took a couple of little day trips. more fun than work, just the way i like it!!!
Sally said…
It's so amazing the things you can do, Pam! Your deck looks really nice. And, I was wondering about the spider flower; I have a spider plant but not flowers. :(

Liz A. said…
Great deck. Now all you need is an outdoor ceiling fan and you're set.
Jeanie said…
It looks cheerful, festive, a lovely place to simply stop and relax. And beautiful, too!
Rue said…
What a nice place to sit and read or just watch the birds, with Dakota!

I hope your finger is better :)

DeniseinVA said…
I love your deck Pam and how you have decorated it. It looks screened in too. One of the house projects I would like done around here is to get a screen porch as the mosquitoes run rampant when they see me coming :)
Ann Thompson said…
What a nice place to hang out. I would love a screened in deck or at least a covered one. I like your bench.
Cathy Kennedy said…

I want a screened porch to enjoy the outdoors. It's just no fun being outside with bugs biting. Your space looks inviting and fun. You're going to really love being out there when the weather isn't too hot to enjoy DIY projects or just relaxing now! Have a good evening and week!
Al said…
Such a great place to live!
Linda said…
Beautiful and brilliant!
Red Rose Alley said…
The flowers in your garden are so pretty, Pam. Love that little hummingbird. Your deck is so charming. I've always wanted a BIG front porch.....maybe someday. : ) It would be nice spending time out there on your deck just relaxing.

Happy June, Pam.


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