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Halloween Dress Up - 2013

Have you seen Dispecible Me? I have not but the office wanted to dress like that today.   I am Ms. Hattie, I own the orphanage.   ~Left to Right~ Margo Unicorn Edith Ms. Hattie (me) and Margo     Now I think I got really close to what Ms. Hattie looked like in the movie.. don't you?   This below is a couple pics of me in 2008. This is my old friend - Rag a Muffin. Rag a Muffin has been with me for years. I use to go children's birthday parties for friends.   I have long gotten rid of the outfit, keeping the wig, the hat and of course remembering how to do my makeup.   But.....I am doing an opening for a clinic tonight dressed like Rag a Muffin. I will be wearing Ms. Hattie's outfit but adding some colorful things to it. Should be fun.   A couple of years ago I dressed like this.   Man, I was HOT!   I worked in the Medicaid unit at the time so this just seemed to fit.  

The Pole and the Lantern

Back several months ago I posted this pic below~     My brother had this out at his house in his recycle metal pile. He found it on the side of the road to be thrown away.   I have been looking at it for years wanting it but I was kind of waiting to see what he was going to do with it....   Finally I asked could I have it and I promised to recycle ......or better yet, reuse it!   I thought maybe it would make an awesome lamp holding a solar light to put in the back yard....   But how would I do that. I have been looking for one of these that I thought was the perfect size.   Found this at Ole Time Pottery today at lunch time. $19.99.   Now to figure out how to attach it. I have some ideas so this post will be continued yet again!   Stay tuned. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Caleb's Birthday Surprise

School started and Caleb started it as a 7th, where have the years gone?   He wanted to take guitar in school and he was really stoked about it.   My mother, his great grandmother made him a deal, work hard to keep grades up and I will get you your own guitar.   Grades are doing really good. He is doing well in school. So for his birthday great granny and me (Nana, grandma) went in together to get him this~     I managed to sneak it to the living room while granny kept him busy in the kitchen.   He looks over to see the case, "whose guitar?"   When told it was his I snapped this face!   "Really he ask?" At which point we say that we got the case this yr. and next maybe he can get the guitar!   "Really, it's mine"?   So excited. He takes it out and sets it on the couch to just look at it.   Now he is showing us what he knows.   Seems to ha

Senior Class Pics

I have been so busy! Not crafting but with photo shoots.   I just finished editing on my second shoot last night. And I have a shoot coming up Saturday for my chiropractor's office and a fall festival he is putting on. Should be fun.   This is Savannah Ward. Her mother and I went to the same school (yrs, and yrs. ago)!! Her mom actually graduated a couple of years after me.     Savannah was a great model for shooting. Not afraid of the camera at all. I am posting this from work today so I do not have any more pics of her to post right now.   I really try to not post on FB or anywhere many until the parents have the disc. Mom has not been able to meet with me to get it yet.   Anyway, I caught this look when she was messing with her mom! Cute.   Next we have Kati. She was a hoot.   Also not afraid of the camera and not shy at all. She loved to make faces and play around.   This her and her mom.

NAiA Pow Wow at Long Hunter State Park - Lebanon TN

  Been years since I have attended a Pow Wow. Long before I had a professional camera. So I went Saturday just mainly for taking pics. What I will do for a good picture... like go out in the misting rain, cold wind blowing and temps cool...   But I enjoyed it.   I remember when I was a child and our house was new, we could go in the backyard and find arrowheads and Indian money all the time.   This is Duane Windhorse Deemer. I met Duane in the spring at the art crawl I was a part of. He was playing flutes....such beautiful relaxing music.   More arrowheads.   Red, white and blue- Native American Women Warriors.     To cute.   Here I was in a teepee looking out the top. friend Theresa is being taught how to throw a hatchet. Watch out!   This was the best throw and it was her third throw! LOL   Colors of the Native American wear are very colorfu