Senior Class Pics

I have been so busy!
Not crafting but with photo
I just finished editing on my
second shoot last night.
And I have a shoot coming up
Saturday for my chiropractor's
office and a fall festival he
is putting on.
Should be fun.
This is Savannah Ward.
Her mother and I went to the
same school (yrs, and yrs. ago)!!
Her mom actually graduated a couple
of years after me.
Savannah was a great model for shooting.
Not afraid of the camera at all.
I am posting this from work today
so I do not have any more pics of
her to post right now.
I really try to not post on FB or anywhere
many until the parents have the disc.
Mom has not been able to meet with
me to get it yet.
Anyway, I caught this look when she
was messing with her mom!
Next we have Kati.
She was a hoot.

Also not afraid of the camera and not shy at
all. She loved to make faces and
play around.
This her and her mom.

This is her making a face at
her boyfriend and mom.

The boyfriend...perfect together.
Both just a like when it comes to
the pics!

Kati is also the daughter of a guy that
went to school at the same place I did.
I want to say he was 5 yrs younger but
I graduated with his sis.
More to come later once disc are
given out.
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
great pics Pam! fun (and pretty) subjects to work with. I can tell you love what you do, it shows!

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