Friday, July 31, 2015

D - Dakota or Dog


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Thursday, July 30, 2015

C- Cup

C is for cup.

Home made cup and saucer bird feeder.

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Dakota - They Say I am Spoiled

What would you say?

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dakota and the Boys

Before I get into this 
story let me just say
that Dakota is 
not really fond of many people.
Esp. the BOYS.

He is so JEALOUS of the 
grand boys.

Now I know this pic looks so sweet but
right before taking it Dakota
as growling at Caleb!

He is a bit better but that kiss
is not from love....
it was more like, "okay Mom,
I will be nice."

He is so jealous that when Caleb is at
the house he will sit right with me and
don't like Caleb getting close.
Caleb usually throws
Dakota's play toy across the
room so he will jump down
and go get it. Then Caleb
will rush and sit right next to me!

Sweet pic of DJ and Dakota.
Truth.....Dakota was wondering
what that little thing is....
plus he intends to keep an eye on 
DJ so Nana don't pick him up.

DJ napping again and Dakota
is making sure he don't go anywhere.

Look at Dakota's eyes.....he is not happy
about DJ touching him!

But so long as DJ feeds him all is well.

"mom don't look at Braden, look
at me"!!

"nana I want to crawl but Dakota
will not move"!
Just another way of keeping the KID
in one place.

So jealous that when trying to take 
photos of Braden, he just has
to push his way in!

I can just see Dakota thinking,
"hey kid, don't touch me".

Oh no, Dakota was not happy about
being outside and Braden inside. 

Plus a nervous wreck when the boys
are around.
So bad that I can pick up the phone
and act like I am talking to the boys
and Dakota will start whining and
jumping around!

He is a mess.

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B - Boys

My boys.
Braden in the red,
Caleb in green and
DJ in white.

I can always be looking at them
while at work!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dakota - From Room to Room

Even to this day I leave the 
is going to follow

I often wonder why but I think he
is afraid I will sneak out
of the house without him.

He can be laying on the other
end of the couch
sleeping and the ears never
go down.
I will sneak up slowly
not making a sound...

But wide awake he is....
and down he goes to

The one that always used to
bother me was when I
went to the bathroom.

And why stand right in front of
me while I sat there?

I looked it up once and I read that
they do that cause they know
that most times you are
not doing anything with your
hands while you sit there....
and they know you will 
reach over and pet them!!

The times that he followed me
to the shower when he
was younger really 
got me....
he dislikes the bathroom near
the tub.
So to be close to me he
would grab an article
of clothes and take it 
to the hall and 
lay down on it.

The best...sorry no pic...was
when he got the toilet paper
caught on the article of
clothes and when I got out
paper was all over
the hall.

Thank goodness he out grew that...
but lets talk baths!
He is not a lab so that should
tell you something.

He has gotten so smart that 
I have to run the tub and go 
lay across the bed.
Even then he takes forever
before he comes out from 
under the bed....

Whole body is stiff when
I put him in the water.
He gets as close to the end 
of the bath and as far away from
me as he can get.

Get him out...
towel him off....
and off he runs running through
the house like a mad
man....I mean dog! 

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Recent Paintings

A facebook friend ordered
a Batman emblem and a 
cupcake painting a few
months ago.

Came back last week 
and ordered these....

A guitar.

A crown with Shelbie on it.
Pinks, light blue and purple.

The painted canvas..

and then purple glitter added.

This was painted for my new office.

A clock!

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A is for Antiques

Going to start 
A to Z 
post by showing
pics that start with
that letter.


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Dakota - Monday Morning Attitude


Yes, Dakota has one.

Monday morning being the worst!

And today being Monday was different.

He was met at the back gate by 
Cheyenne and Klohe.
As I opened the gate to let him in the
yard, they greeted him with jumping
up and down and licking him
in the face.

He greeted them back with 

Up the deck he goes and
at this point he is looking to go
in so he can jump up in
mom's bed and crawl under
the covers.

But to add to his attitude this
morning, he was unable to do
this cause mom made the bed
before he got there!

Yep, he was not a happy camper!

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tic Toc the Office Clock

Last Monday
July 20th, 2015 was my 
first day at my
new job....
Administrative Assistant 
to the Superintendent
for the TN School for the Blind.

And my office needed
a clock..
I would have ordered one.
Could have bought one
but I decided to 
make one.

A bit of my personality 
for my 


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Dakota - My Buddy

He is my buddy.
He has hung with me 
through thick and thin.

When I am sick and hurting from
my Fibromyalgia 
and just laying around
he stays right next to 
me all day long.

When I had surgery on my shoulder in
2012 he stayed so close to me.

When I left the surgical that day
my mom took me to her house.
I had to sleep in a recliner
and Dakota slept on the bed across
from the recliner, facing me the
whole time.

When we went home and I was still 
having to sleep in the recliner,
he slept there with me.

When my mom would come to pic
him up to go to her house
for a while, he never wanted
to leave my side.

Yes, he is my bud.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dakota - So Afraid of Everything

Okay, so I have NO pics to use to tell
this story so I am just posting one of
the Dakota!

So handsome!!
Anyway, Dakota is afraid 
of just about everything. 

Any loud noise.
Any kind of sound that catches him 
off guard. 
He startles easy.

Course most dogs don't like fireworks,
Dakota is no different. 
Hates them.
Hates thunder.

 My washer and dryer
is in the closet between the living room
and the kitchen. The funniest thing to see is 
when Dakota is walking from the living
room to the kitchen, through that
hall and the washer changes cycles!
Dakota can't get those legs moving
fast enough and his paws
slip and slide all over the place.

Or the fact that he is afraid to 
walk past the broom if I have
it propped up next to the wall
as you walk into the kitchen.
Dakota will not walk past it!

And let me start doing some deep
cleaning or moving furniture..
he has a fit.
Follows my every move and 
stays right under me feet.
Not sure what he thinks I 
am going to do but he
is going to make sure I 
don't leave the house without him!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dakota - My Mom Say's I am Handsome

My mom say's that when 
I wear one of these

around my neck

I look so handsome!
The strange thing about it
is that I don't mind wearing one.

But mom carries it to far and
buys them for certain

Like Halloween.

And the 4th of July!

Now, this is a bit different,
I don't like wearing this!

See what I mean.....its really
hard to walk in this.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dakota- Talks Back

The good thing about
having a dog living
with you instead of
you kids is 
they don't 

Yep, I used to think that.

But about four years or so
ago Dakota proved me 
He started to talk back.
He started grunting at me.

Most times he does it if he 
thinks I am not moving fast enough.
Like when we get home
each day and I go to
unlock the door...
if I don't get it unlocked
and open as fast as 
Dakota thinks I should,
he grunts. my other children,
he does talk back!

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Dakota - Pay Attention To Me

Pay attention to JUST

Yep, if you have not realized 
yet Dakota, AKA THE KING
thinks the world revolves around
He thinks all attention 
should be about him!

Mom, stop watching TV and
love on me.

And don't talk about those BOYS!

Cause I am your only special

Dakota is very jealous of the grandboys.
I can be on the phone with them
and he starts this loud whining.
He can't can't handle the
thoughts of me giving the boys

What is worse is me to be
on the computer.
Laptop not always so bad but
when I get on the big computer he
has a fit. 

Here a few pics of him 
wanting attention while I 
am on the laptop.

LOL...he is such a mess!

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