Dakota and the Boys

Before I get into this 
story let me just say
that Dakota is 
not really fond of many people.
Esp. the BOYS.

He is so JEALOUS of the 
grand boys.

Now I know this pic looks so sweet but
right before taking it Dakota
as growling at Caleb!

He is a bit better but that kiss
is not from love....
it was more like, "okay Mom,
I will be nice."

He is so jealous that when Caleb is at
the house he will sit right with me and
don't like Caleb getting close.
Caleb usually throws
Dakota's play toy across the
room so he will jump down
and go get it. Then Caleb
will rush and sit right next to me!

Sweet pic of DJ and Dakota.
Truth.....Dakota was wondering
what that little thing is....
plus he intends to keep an eye on 
DJ so Nana don't pick him up.

DJ napping again and Dakota
is making sure he don't go anywhere.

Look at Dakota's eyes.....he is not happy
about DJ touching him!

But so long as DJ feeds him all is well.

"mom don't look at Braden, look
at me"!!

"nana I want to crawl but Dakota
will not move"!
Just another way of keeping the KID
in one place.

So jealous that when trying to take 
photos of Braden, he just has
to push his way in!

I can just see Dakota thinking,
"hey kid, don't touch me".

Oh no, Dakota was not happy about
being outside and Braden inside. 

Plus a nervous wreck when the boys
are around.
So bad that I can pick up the phone
and act like I am talking to the boys
and Dakota will start whining and
jumping around!

He is a mess.

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