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Sunsets/ Blooms/ Project

Count down for Christmas cards is about done... This is card 13 and  my all time fave one. Theres no place like home... for the holidays! When going to the store lately I am trying really hard to make sure I don't buy sugary or scratch  type foods. But the other night I  ran in Aldi's store to grab a few  things and saw this.. I walked past it....twice. Went back and got some anyway. A mistake I don't need to make again. IT WAS SO GOOD. haha.. To help get it out of the house I sent a bunch home with my youngest brother yesterday. I made some  veggie soup and cornbread, it was his day off so I sent him some. He called today to tell me that he ate some soup last night and more today. BUT he finished off the popcorn treats last night! Caught this sunset last night on the  way to the barn.  Fall in TN produces the best sunsets. Got this one yesterday also.  Sunset over Nashville. See

Thoughts all Over

I spend my mornings doing my coffee and surfing PINTEREST, playing on Facebook and checking out my email. I also usually do my blogging then also.  I find things on PINTEREST and FB that gets my attention.  This got my attention for sure. Oh my what a beautiful bathroom.  Course for me, I would have to have a shade on that window over the tub.  But the tub is amazing, a horses watering trough. I love it.  Speaking of which, what do you think of this room? Love the natural colors, love the rock,  love it being all the windows for the day time but there again I  would have to have something over them at night...haha. Curtains would help warm up the  room in the winter but also in the  over all look of things...just not sure how I would hang them. is the Zodic signs~ which is your sign? Do you believe in them? How close does your sign  describe you? Mine....pretty much spot on. Thanks

Christmas Trees and Cats

I love this.... its all about having a mix of fantasy and childhood dreams in  your life.  HAHA....but I know an actual  mermaid too in real life. I think  it would be cool to be a mermaid but did I ever tell you I have a BIG fear of water! Yep, I have to even HOLD my breathe to stick my face under the shower. We all need some childhood  memories and  fantasy in our life. Mine would be a mix between the Wizard of Oz (childhood memories) and clowns. I LOVE clowns. For years that  was my go to for Halloween. I used to have a  collection of clown figurines ~ like over a 100. I packed the bulk of them up when Caleb and  Amber moved in with me when Caleb was  a yr old. They stayed with me for six yrs. I realized I did not miss them so I left them packed up then one yr I pulled them out and sold them at a yard sale. But I still love my clowns.  We are up to year 11 on the  Christmas cards! Another one of my fave ones.