Thoughts all Over

I spend my mornings doing my
coffee and surfing PINTEREST,
playing on Facebook and checking out
my email. I also usually do my blogging
then also. 

I find things on PINTEREST and FB
that gets my attention. 
This got my attention for sure.
Oh my what a beautiful bathroom. 
Course for me, I would have to have a shade
on that window over the tub. 
But the tub is amazing, a horses watering
trough. I love it. 

Speaking of which, what do you think
of this room?

Love the natural colors, love the rock, 
love it being all the windows
for the day time but there again I 
would have to have something over
them at night...haha.
Curtains would help warm up the 
room in the winter but also in the 
over all look of things...just not sure
how I would hang them. is the Zodic signs~
which is your sign?
Do you believe in them?
How close does your sign 
describe you?
Mine....pretty much spot on.

Thanksgiving has the better part of my 
family together so that is when I pass
out the bulk of the 31 ornaments I made.
I still have a few I did for friends at 
the house. I actually have 2 more 
to make. 
And, these three are now on my
tree along with last years that I made
for the three of us and the ones from 
all the yrs I have been making ornaments.

Few months ago I bought a wood burning tool,
plans are that is what I will do for ornaments
next yr. Hope to start on that in Jan. 
This yr was snowmen, next will be all
over the board.

Last yr I dug out my ex husbands old
sled from when he was a child and 
flipped it around to the rails, installing
shelves in it. This is it from last yr at
Christmas time. My daughter inherited it
this yr. I have past on several things to her.


A couple years ago a friend of mine, 
Treva made Dakota a stocking shaped like
a bone. This yr she made one for Lily
shaped like a fish. 
Isn't that the sweetest.
Treva has the biggest of hearts.


In my posting of pics of the house the
other day I failed to show what I have
on the front door this yr. 
I decided that I would hang my paintings
on the door. Last yr my sis in law, other 
family and I went to a Gallery down the 
road to paint.  Three small combined 
to hang together.

We are now up to year 12
on the Christmas Cards...

That is Dakota's stocking hanging 
from the dog house!
Just two more to show then
when I mail this yrs out I will
show it. 
Do you send cards out?

I love PINTEREST...the problem, I 
see things I want to do and things that 
I post to do but I am so limited on 
what I can do these days. Even though
I had an RA doc tell me about 3 yrs
ago that I needed to except that I was not
the same person I once was and I needed
to let things go.....I know this in my 
head but my heart, my hands and 
the creative side of me just don't 
seem to want to know all this.

So with that, here are somethings I want
to try and work on for next yr. 

Simple enough projects so I think 
I can make some fun doing 
these projects.

Cute rustic stocking.

LOVE this one below.

And these really got my attention...
the cut out on the side will not
be an issue but the stars in 
the center might be...have to 
think of them.

Here is another cut out that will
not be an issue. I have the bit that 
will cut this out.


But this is the one I REALLY LOVE..
so cute. 

I drew off some of these last night
to make my patterns. 

Cute rustic star.

Boy, this one would be so simple
to pull off. Hanging the 
ornaments would take the 
longest to hang. 

a extra piece of left over 
wood and paint.
Pipe cleaners for the antlers.
I think I would either use a round
piece of wood for the nose or
maybe a red yarn ball to be fuzzy.
Ears would be felt. I need to get up and put 
away my totes (bins) that have been sitting 
out since I put up the Christmas stuff.....
yep, I have not gotten them put away yet.
That is one of those things that have to wait
once you have the work done. 

Break time...Lily is now on my chest!


Sally said…
Pam, you are amazing! Such talent; I'm not sure I've known anyone who compares.

I had to smile at the tubs with the windows. Reminds me of when we were kids and given a bath on the back porch in a round tin washtub. And, hoping no one was seeing me through all the windows. :)

Brian said…
I love that big open living room with the fireplace, a dream come true! Love those ornaments too!
Sandee said…
I love that room with all those windows and the colors and the rock. Beautiful. I wouldn't want to be there when it's dark outside and have the lights on. I'd feel like a sitting duck.

I've a Virgo and that says it all. I agree.

Love all the ornaments and decorations. You're so very talented.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to Dakota and Lily. ♥
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, Lily. Are you keeping Mommy warm? ~grin~ How nice for your family to have their ornaments to hang for the current season. I only send cards to those who send to me these days. Be well!
wisps of words said…
First.... What happened? Your print is now small.

Bet you did not do this, intentionally.

Did a Blogger Gremlin come in, during the night, and make your print small????????? -grinnn-

🌲 🌲 🌲
wisps of words said…
For decorations, I don't have as many now, and just put them in bags. They go down and up, easily. No totes. And the 2 fully decorated trees, stay covered, in the front room!!!!!!! Changes one makes, with age. :-)

I never look at Pinterest. :-))))) I peruse photo and art sites, like Deviant Art. And gorgeous photo Tumblers. Showing things I like. But just to get photos, for my blog.

We each do our on line life, as it fits us.

Great front door decor!!!!! I have yet to put up a Christmas wreath. Must!!!!! ,-)

🌲 🌲 🌲

wisps of words said…
I know what happened to your blog print size!!!!

Lily messed with it, when she wanted you to get off the computer and pet her!!!


🌲 🌲 🌲
Rhodesia said…
Love that first shot. We had a bathroom with a huge window next to the bath in South Africa, I used to lie there and watch the birds and the flowers 🌼. Enjoy the rest of the week Diane
Ann Thompson said…
I love the look of that room in the second picture. With all those uncoveredvwindows you would have to live on a very private or secluded lot.
My horoscope is half right and half way off.
Love all the Pinterest finds.
Christine said…
Enjoying your Christmas photos.
Liz A. said…
Lots of great ideas. Do you keep a list? And check those off that you do? I'm sure the list exceeds what one could accomplish in a lifetime, but that just means you'll never run out of choices ;)
Jeanie said…
Lots of cute here! I'm pretty impressed with your output of 31 ornaments -- and all cute! Fun to give them out at TG when they can actually get on the tree in time to enjoy.

My sign is fairly close but not nearly so on-spot as my actual chart, taking into account all the planet locations, the houses in which they are located, and their aspects to one another, based on my birth time. That's almost downright scary, especially when you lay it over the charts of other people in your life or look at the transits of the current planetary influences.
Pilar said…
I love the creativity for this post! So many beautiful DIY's!
Rain said…
Hi Pam :)) I love the projects for next year!!! Those wooden trees are gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you come up with! That tub...the bathroom pic from Pinterest is great. But honestly, the second one...I NEED at least sheer curtains. I'm not a fan of open windows at night...well, you know my imagination lol...I'd be afraid there were eyes out there looking at me ha ha! Christmas cards!!! I definitely do them and yes, have to get going on sending them out!! :)
krishna said…
Beautiful ornaments you've made.

Please visit:
Christmas is getting nearer and nearer …
Loved your photographs.

All the best Jan

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