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Misty River and Lily Bit

 Just to help bring  a smile to your face this today. Misty being  Misty.... And adorable  Lily Bit being Lily. Have you seen this? I tried dog, lion and bear  and they work also. Yep, its cute, go  for it! Pam  

Dinner, Toe, Pools, Colorful, and Lily

  Thursday afternoon, I  met this folks from school for dinner. One woman was in from Fla. so we met so she could visit.  I was not going to go but I had a pretty good day up till then, so I got dressed and went. Glad I did.  Wed. however, was a horrible day. I hurt so bad. I have yet to pin point why on some days I hurt bad and other days I don't.  Yesterday after having such a  bad day, I called the doc  I had an apt with  for Friday. They changed my apt date from Friday till Thursday morn. I learned a lot. First, without saying what group of docs I had seen, she knew. When I told her about the  new method he wanted to do, she knew. She also told me that through research it  has been discovered that this  new method should not be  used unless the older way does not work.  INTERESTING. Secondly, she told me that I  should not have this pain I am having. That the only time you have pain with a stone is when it has moved out of  the kidney and is moving out of the body. With it in t

Replies, Roads, Ass Washing, Lily and Doors

Good morning bloggers! Tis Saturday morning and I am sitting on the couch, laptop in lap, and sitting at a certain angle waiting for the pain meds to kick in. Sometimes I can find those positions  that seem to help with the pain not being so bad. So now I wait till the meds kick in. I might have shared before,  pretty sure I have, but here goes again ~ I am at 17.5 years in living with Fibromyalgia, I am  not a stranger to pain. And during a flare up, the pain is not something to laugh at.  In a word, I deal with it pretty well. Pains that have managed to take me down, kidney infection, iritis, and  this! My ability to cope with pain is wearing me out with this stone.  It ages you.  But with that said, I wanted to reply to some comments.  Ann's Snap Edit Scrap ( said this   Those buttons are rather cool. I'm thinking Gibbs would push the treat one every 5 seconds. Gibbs has one ball that is his favorite. He has 2 of the same ball in different color

Oldies but Goodies

A lot of you commented on my post saying how much they loved old autos! I don't know  why, but I have always been drawn to them, esp the trucks. I would not mind owning one, however, I  would have to buy one already fancied up but can't afford that and  don't have the bode to  work on one. I have not been over at the venue in awhile. Sunday evening is a bday  dinner for Julies brother, but I am sure I will be able to attend. But in the time I have been away from the venue, and James has been retired, he has been buying up autos! Here is one of his  recent purchases.  Another one. Another one. and, yes,  another one. The ElCaMINTO has  been there awhile. I am sure you have seen the Hippy Car before. Billy Jean Groover has been  there for months. Tow Mater The bus. 1928 Ford (only Ford you will see on the property) firetruck, Shelly. The hot pink tractor. There is a white car  there also. James has not  worked on it, think he is  just selling it. And then we can't forget