Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Actress - Holly

I have blogged about Holly and her acting
before. I think she is my favorite actress.
I love Lucy Ball and Carol Burnett
because of their humor....
Holly fits right in there with them.

This is Holly and my oldest grandson, Caleb. That
is my mom looking over Caleb's shoulder.

These pics were taken right after her performance
in the Music Man. She played the Mayor's
wife. As always, she had the facial expressions
to go along with her acting skills.

Very talented young lady.
Isn't she beautiful?

Waving at one of her many fans!

Granny, my Mom gave her the roses and
Caleb gave her the colorful daisys.

Holly and Granny again.

Thanks for all the years of laughs Holly....
I love you.

Thanks for stopping in,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Weekend

Friday night I watched a sweet baby,
my great nephew, Cole.

He is almost 14 months old and him and
I had a blast. But he so wore me out.

He is learning to feed himself and aunt
Pam helped him out by giving
him a big spoon! As you can tell, he
enjoyed his meal.

After eating, playing and fighting sleep,
he gave it up....but only after I put him
on a riding toy, while I sat in the floor
I pushed him back and forth, he fell
asleep leaning over the steering wheel,
sitting up!

Saturday evening I was honored to go to
the Gaylord Opry Hotel to photograph my
niece, Holly and her date, Nathan before
they headed to the prom.

This is the group that they were going with.
Nice bunch of kids.

Holly and Nathan again.

Today, after uploading Holly's
pics, making a disc, having breakfast with
my friend Theresa, delivering the disc
to my Mom's, I made a trip to Lowe's.
Picked up plants and potting soil, stopped
at Dollar General Store, then home
to plant my plants.

After messing around outside, I
went to craftroom to finish up
some projects. This is one project
I started earlier in the week.
Made this for my livingroom.

Store bought birdhouse, a wooden candle
holder, a glass drawer pull and scrapbook paper.

I made two cup and saucer birdfeeders.
Picked up the cup and saucer at
Goodwill, cup was .49 cents and
the saucer was .99 cents.

This cup and saucer also came from Goodwill.
Both were .49 cents each.

I started this project two weeks ago. I got the
glass container for 1.00 at a thrift store.
Taped it off and spray painted the black
part. Today I added the word

This holds Dakota's (AKA THE KING)

Watching a Hallmark show now....
and crashing later.

Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, April 16, 2012

Buildings - Nashville TN

I use to work downtown....actually for
25 years total.
I don't get downtown often anymore
but a few times I have with my camera.

This is the Marathon Automobiles Building.
Built in 1914.

The top of the Marathon Bldg.

And this is another shot of the same

Not the best shot of downtown
but here is one view of it.
The tallest one is the Tennessee
Tower. I worked on the 23rd floor and
the 3rd floor of this building.

To the right of that you will see the Tennessee
Arts Center, or otherwise known
as TPAC.

To the right, in the background you will see
the Batman Bldg.

I took this when I went to town this past Sat. for the
Woman's Show. This is one of the oldest churches
left downtown.

And...the BATMAN Bldg.

You have to overlook me on this one....
I do not know the name of this bldg.

So there you have it....a short tour of some buildings
in downtown Nashville.

Thanks for stopping in,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bling the Body

Yesterday I went to the Southern
Women's Show. We had a blast.

Channel Four News had a green screen
set up. You just stand in front of it and
point to what you see on the tv in
front of you.
LOL...this is me
Stormy Weather Pam giving
the news report.

There were a lot of free things going of them was a temp
tattoo done in glitter.

Ranee got this on her back.

And I got this one.
I did not Pimp My Ride but

These stay on for 5 to 10 days and will
wear away on its own.

Thanks for stopping in,

Southern Woman's Show - Nashville

I have not attended the Woman's Show in
several years but 4 of us decided that
we would go.

Upon entering the door, this is
what you viewed! Wow.....

There were several (lots) of these
booths. DIPS....yummy tasting DIPS.
I like the hot ones and the ones that
contain garlic. Get the powdered
form and mix with mayo and cream cheese.

I am so going to make some of these.
They are just to cute.

And these were just beautiful.

Lots of plaques and signs. I liked this one.

But this one really speaks to me.

There were rings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves...
and scarves look like they
are going to be the summers in thing.

Deidra Hall - Days of Our Lives.
Beautiful lady.

Have have seen these on Pinterest and been
wanting to make some. These were really
nice since they are hand painted.
Sure going to make some of these also.
Candle inside.

Ranee trying on a mask.

 Ms. Kentucky. I stood beside this lady.
She was telling someone that she was
18, 5'11 and was wearing 5 inch
heels. Like I said, I stood next to her...
I am 5'2! lol

Debbie trying on a hair piece.

And who knew that there is an exercise
place that teaches you fitness by
Pole Dancing that is...

Katy was turning a bit red.

Ranee was enjoying to much.

Debbie and I took our turns also. Course
My pic was waist
to teach Debbie how to take a pic!

And there were outfits. How does
this look on me?
Green brings out the color in my eyes!

But I am loving this look on me! I really
do like this hat. The black sets off the
gray hair and the neat looks great with
my dark glasses.

Had a blast.

Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, April 9, 2012

25 Cent Vase

My mom stopped by a yard sale the
other day and did pretty
well for herself (me)....
LOL....she gave them to me.

The one to the right is a Hoosier Glass,
she paid 25 cents and the
value of it right now is

The other one also cost 25 cents,
the value of it right now is

Think mom did pretty well
on these buys!

Now to show what I have made.
I got this idea off  PINTEREST.

Using washers and E6000 glue, I
made these. Then I backed them
with a foam backing.

They make awesome candle coasters.

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping in,

Friday, April 6, 2012

Caleb and Nana Day

Wow, it has been a long, but fun day

Started with leaving the house at
8:30 am to head to Physical
Therapy on my shoulder.
Yay.....they released me!

So then I ran by the house, picked
up the dog. He loves to go so I
wanted him to be able to ride along.
We headed out to pick up my oldest
grandson, Caleb. I was off today
for Good Friday and this was
to be Caleb and Nana's day.

I was to meet Caleb at the lake,
he was there with his brothers and
their dad. They were there to feed the
ducks. Caleb and I hung around
and fed the ducks and geese with them.

After feeding the ducks and geese with DJ and
Braden we started to my house only
to get side the tracks.
The railroad tracks.
We watched cars being unhooked
and moved into place.

I got this cute pic of Caleb on the tracks.

He is growing up so fast!

We dropped the dog at Granny's (my Mom)  house and
headed to go bowling. I have not bowled
in about 2 yrs. and this was Caleb's
3rd time. We had a ball.
I bowled 2 games with Caleb then he
bowled on by himself. From there
we went to the arcade and played some

After wearing my body and shoulder out
(thinking maybe I should not have been
released from, we headed
to Granny's to get Dakota.
Caleb stopped to play for a minute only
to have Dakota come up and
lick him in the face.

Finally....home. What better thing
to do then to play in the creek (not me,
Caleb) and catch crawdads and

Look Nana, I caught another one.

Dinner and and a couple of board games....

And we have just sat down to watch a movie.
We pulled out an older VHS movie,

Relaxing, watching a the movie and
Nana will probably be out before the movie
is half done.

Thanks for stepping in,