Southern Woman's Show - Nashville

I have not attended the Woman's Show in
several years but 4 of us decided that
we would go.

Upon entering the door, this is
what you viewed! Wow.....

There were several (lots) of these
booths. DIPS....yummy tasting DIPS.
I like the hot ones and the ones that
contain garlic. Get the powdered
form and mix with mayo and cream cheese.

I am so going to make some of these.
They are just to cute.

And these were just beautiful.

Lots of plaques and signs. I liked this one.

But this one really speaks to me.

There were rings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves...
and scarves look like they
are going to be the summers in thing.

Deidra Hall - Days of Our Lives.
Beautiful lady.

Have have seen these on Pinterest and been
wanting to make some. These were really
nice since they are hand painted.
Sure going to make some of these also.
Candle inside.

Ranee trying on a mask.

 Ms. Kentucky. I stood beside this lady.
She was telling someone that she was
18, 5'11 and was wearing 5 inch
heels. Like I said, I stood next to her...
I am 5'2! lol

Debbie trying on a hair piece.

And who knew that there is an exercise
place that teaches you fitness by
Pole Dancing that is...

Katy was turning a bit red.

Ranee was enjoying to much.

Debbie and I took our turns also. Course
My pic was waist
to teach Debbie how to take a pic!

And there were outfits. How does
this look on me?
Green brings out the color in my eyes!

But I am loving this look on me! I really
do like this hat. The black sets off the
gray hair and the neat looks great with
my dark glasses.

Had a blast.

Thanks for stopping in,


Lori said…
LOL!!! I wish I could have gone with y' looks like you all had a blast, and the guy at the door, are you kidding! I'm your newest follower so I don't miss your adventures, Lori

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