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This, That and The Other

The other evening I pulled out my Dremel tool to work on  a project and ..... it died! I got it about 20 years ago and I  have used it a lot. It was a 5 speed but a few years ago I  could only get it to  work on speed 5.... now would not even get to that point. So I took it up to a 10 speeder  this time. I took it out of the box and  checked it out but I have not used it yet. Can't wait to see what I do with it. Pulling wedding stuff together so I went in Hobby Lobby today. Hobby Lobby greeters. I have talked about starting to  macreame again and see if I  could get that fad started again.... looks like Hobby Lobby beat me to it. Macreame and crochet.  Nice. I saw these also.  Scrap wood and I could make these.  This is cool... printers tray but it actually  had a wedge back so that it sat in the floor and leaned back just  a bit to keep things from fallin

This, That and Feet

Ladies.... keep this in mind! haha I am winning them over.... all of them. This is Brandau. She is one that just showed up at the barn. Oh second thought this might be a he cause he fights with the other he at the barn. This is Socks. One of the last to come around. But he came to me  yesterday to be rubbed, laying his  head in my lap.  Spring is springing... Bradford Pear in bloom. Last week I picked these up at Goodwill (yes, they were scrubbed clean before I put my foot in them).... They were marked 4.99 but it was red tag day and I got them for 99 cents. My dress for the wedding is a beige color and I really wanted something not in silver but these had the perfect heel. Not high and its wide. They were my size and they looked new. And the price was right!! Yesterday I stopped by the other  Goodwill over by my daughters work. I found these...more to the color of the dress. Wedg

Invite to Flowers

Well I guess this says that it  is REAL! My daughters wedding invite! Yesterday Mom went to Kroger and found these marked down. So look what I got! And check out the markdown  price below. She got me this one too. Going to plant outside once they stop blooming.     The price was the same as the other. Now arent't those some awesome buys! So is spring popping out where you are?

The Truck and The Animals

HAHA.... Only in my case I am just 42! That happens if when you hit 50 you start counting backwards the next yr! I have to tell you what took place over a month ago at the barn. You see Chris owns 13 acres. He has two small houses on it, a large metal type garage that he had  built, a barn and several small storage units. He redid one home and he lives there. He rents the other one out. He works for Metro for the water department but he does small engine repair (mowers,  weedeaters, blowers..etc) as a side job cause he enjoys that work so much. He rents the barn out to a manager  and that manager fills the stalls.  Keeps the barn up and pays Chris once they collect the money.  The turn over at the barn is all new right now. Jeanna came in, brought Tim and Brenda with her. They had their horses somewhere else but the man died so they had to find another place. Jeaana knows Chris from when he was married and the wife