This, That and Feet

keep this in mind!

I am winning them over....
all of them.
This is Brandau.
She is one that just showed up
at the barn. Oh second thought
this might be a he cause he
fights with the other he
at the barn.

This is Socks.
One of the last to come
around. But he came to me 
yesterday to be rubbed, laying his 
head in my lap. 

Spring is springing...
Bradford Pear in bloom.

Last week I picked these up at
Goodwill (yes, they were scrubbed
clean before I put my foot in them)....
They were marked 4.99 but it was
red tag day and I got them for
99 cents.

My dress for the wedding is a beige color
and I really wanted something not in silver
but these had the perfect heel.
Not high and its wide.

They were my size and they looked new.
And the price was right!!

Yesterday I stopped by the other 
Goodwill over by my daughters work.

I found these...more to the color
of the dress. Wedge heel.

These were not on sale however and 
I did give the whole 4.99 for these..

The other night I wanted to play with 
Wedding Cake!
I picked up pans at Wally World
28.00 for 12, 10, 8 and 6...

Over look the orange and the leaves
but it was all I had on hand to
mess with. 
I have to work a bit more on
smoothing the icing. 

Practice makes perfect. I will be 
playing around again. 

But since I did not have a bride
and groom around to 
smush taste
the cake I 
tried it on me!!

Now....back to shoes....I mean

Sunday I had a slight accident,
okay so you are learning the truth
I am an accident just waiting
to happen.

Yuck - over look the ugly nails,
need another paint job!
See the baby toe?
Yep swollen and bruised.

But if you look closely you will notice
The whole foot is swollen.
Base of the big toe and top
of the foot.

Yesterday was a challenge walking
on it I can tell it is 
that it is not swollen on the bottom
and I can walk a lot better..
Top of the foot is still swollen but
I think it is okay.

(I used to have pretty feet....they look 
so old now) what happened?
Horse stood on it!
Not just stepped but stopped and
stood on it. Big horse!
If that was not bad enough,
as he stepped on it his big rear
pushed into me knocking me to 
the ground, on my back!
Luck, the ankel held out with 
not issues! 

Funny how big of babies these HUGE
animals can be. He freaked
out going to the stall over
a tarp. 

Silly BABY!


MadSnapper said…
big owie on that foot. glad it is doing well. LOVE both shoes, either one is perfect with your dress. try standing and walking in them around the house and go with comfort. they are both pretty shoes. kitties are so sweet.
PS if you think your feet look old now wait for the look of age 73.... i always had pretty legs and pretty feet, the best part of me. now the legs have BIG viens and droppy wrinkles and the feet are no longer pretty. i don't buy pretty shoes because A. i can't walk in them and B, they call attention to my not pretty feet., gotta love aging!
Sandee said…
The shoes rock. Very good deal on two pair of great looking shoes. Sorry about the foot though. That's looks mighty painful. I'm glad you're not more hurt and that your ankle wasn't affected. Those can take months to heal.

Have a fabulous day. ♥
Debbie said…
Nice looking shoes, but awww that foot. I hope it heals quickly!!!!!!
Ann Thompson said…
Good deal on the shoes. That good sure looks like it hurts.
NanaDiana said…
Oh- that looks painful. You are lucky you didn't break/fracture something--either in the foot or in the fall.

Those shoes are great and they might be brand new-didn't sell and some store donated them OR they could have been a "one-wearing" sort of thing---like for a wedding mother-of-the-bride thing---lol...

Hope your foot gets better fast and I love that you are winning those sweet kitties over- xo Diana
Liz A. said…
Ouch. I can't look...
Christine said…
Love the shoes but so sorry about your foot!
Goodness, Pam, sorry about your foot--ouch! Great snag on the shoes! They look brand new! ♥
Rhodesia said…
Oh no I know that feeling of a horse on ones foot all to well, shame it looks so painful. Love the shoes, both pairs. Hope the foot gets better quickly. Take care Diane
Darla M Sands said…
I am so thankful you weren't hurt worse! Nice shoes. I have to have a heel strap because otherwise I walk right out of them. ~grin~ Hope you have a good day and don't hurt too much.
Jeanie said…
You are becoming the cat whisperer! Cute shoes and fun with baking!
Loving the picture with the cake on the face! kind of baking. LOL! Oh girl, that toe makes mine hurt now. Bless your heart. I love those shoes! My kind of price. I wash my 2nd hand down shoes with warm soapy water and dry really good. Then I take vinegar and baking soda and mix that up and wash them with that and rinse off good and dry and last I spray them with good old frebreze. Sounds like a lot of trouble to go through but that's just the way I do it. I had had people say, "I can't believe you would put your feet in 2nd hand shoes". Well I wonder if they think that when they try on a brand new show that someone hasn't tried them on already with their bare feet? Ha! Enjoyed your post Pam. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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