Friday, March 30, 2012

Nana's Day Out With the Boys

Last Sunday I planned a day out with my
grandbabies and my daughter.
We were going to a friends house
to see her animals. Kim was very
nice to invite us up to play wiht
the animals.

This is my youngest grandson, Braden.
He is 1.5 yrs. old. We were in
my daughters van on the way up
so I snapped a pic of each one of
the boys. This is Braden's new smile.

And meet DJ. He is my middle grandson. He
is 3.5 yrs. old. He was in the very back
of the van and trying to see out the
front. I noticed when I uploaded the
pics that DJ had his hand out the

Caleb, my oldest grandson. He is 11.5 yrs old.
He was not to happy at this point cause
Nana did not bring the ipod for him
to play with. But this look
changed soon enough.

This is one of the first sights we saw
when pulling in at Kim's house. cute. This is the female
Elvira. There is a male named

Braden took to the goats and my no
fear Braden took right out after them.

DJ took to the chicks....and one duck.
They were off to the side of the barn and
he could not get back there to them. These
guys knew they were safe!

But DJ also liked the horses. The guy in the
pic with DJ is Jeremy, Kim's son.

Caleb was taken by the horses. Which is very surprising
because until now, Caleb had a BIG fear of
horses. When he was about 4 one of my
niece's horse got out of the stall and
ran, neck break speed, right past Caleb.
Leaving a bad fear.

But today he wanted to get in the fence
and pet them. I think that it had a lot
to do with Jeremy being there. Male to male,
Caleb did not want to show fear.

After petting, he decides he wants to ride.
My mouth dropped open!

Jeremy and Caleb took the horse to the riding
pen and Caleb hopped on.
This look shows me that he was not
all that sure about the decision.

Whoops....this is what happens if you hand your camera
to your daughter.
Fast click of Nana and Braden.

After a while of being lead round the pen
on the horse Caleb and Jeremy ventured
out to the yard. Look at him up there,
leaning over and petting the horse,
FEAR all gone.
That is my daughter, Amber in the
pic with the boys.

Caught this cute pic when no one was
watching....cute Braden.

About 15 minutes of being lead
around Caleb asked what he had
to do if he was riding along to get
the horse to turn and walk. Kim
explained that to him and the next thing
I know Caleb is riding alone.

See that cute little smile.
He did not want to show it
to big but he was so proud
of himself.

Thanks Kim and Jeremy you have
no clue what you have done
for this boy.

Kim said that she teaches riding and if
I can filter in that 45 min. drive I am
going to let Caleb do that. I think
it will be good for his self esteem.

I love it.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Cup Runs Over......and the Birds like it

Yes, I have been on Pinterest again!
I posted this cup and saucer that
I made several weeks ago. I did
have it hanging in the tree but
this one day I was trying to get some really
good shots from the kitchen so I sat
it on the deck rail.

My first visitor was this guy.

Then came this guy. I think this is a House Finch.

I have since hung the feeder on a shepards
hook near the deck. If I can leave
the squirrels out of it I will be fine!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oldies but Goodies

My mom is in her 70's. She has started
to give away stuff to us kids and
her reasoning is that, this is
so we will not fight over anything.
I don't think that is going to happen
between my brothers and I.

Some time ago she gave me a wooden
bowl and rolling pin that belonged
to my great grandmother.

The other day she gave me these items.

First jello molds. Does anyone
still use these? Anyway, mom did not
use them, they hung on the kitchen wall
for years. When she re-did the kitchen
she packed these up. They were given
to her my her mom, my grandmother.

I am planning on hanging them in my kitchen since
I have a lot of old items hanging on the wall.

Next, a gourd. I was not going to take this
but then she told me that my great aunt use
to grow these. She gave this one to my mom.
Mom had added the plastic fruit that I did
remove, but I will also hang the gourd in
my kitchen.

And next comes the birdies! I remember this
hanging in the kitchen for as long as
I could remember. Funny thing about that,
I remember all this hanging there but
never knew the history behind them.
The birdies came from my great grandmother.
When my oldest brother was born my great
grandmother came to visit. My
brought these for
my mom.

For the history in these items they
mean so much to me. My great grandmother
and great aunt have been gone since
I was in middle school. I lost my grandmother
when I was pregnant with my son 25 yrs. ago.
I love the family history and the items that
have that history....just not sure who I
will hand this stuff down too cause I
don't think it means as much to
my kids as it does to me.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Privacy and Stairs

I live in a zero lot line, a townhouse
duplex. I own my side and my
neighbor owns her's.
There is really not a lot of privacy when
I am on my deck so I decided
to let my side yard, the driveway grow
up so I could have a side yard and
a patio. Stepping stones.

Please over look the mess, the
yard had not been cut yet.
Put this part of the yard is open to
the rest of the drive way and the road
so I decided to make it more private.
But in doing that whatever I did
had to be able to be moved if I needed
to get a vehicle back there.

The way my front porch is made you really
can't move furiture in and out that way so
you have to use the back door.

At Lowe's the other day I ran across these
panels. They are installed with stakes put
into the ground and they lock together
with another metal piece. Both the
fence and the stakes can be removed.

Looks so much better don't you think. I have chairs and
a small table out there now.

Then I came in and decided that my
stairs needed something to make them

I think this did the trick.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

From Glass to an Ant

In my last blog a couple of weeks ago I
blogged that I was looking at moving
my blog. I did, I was able to get
everything moved over but I never
got around to using it.
It was going to take so much to
move my contacts and blogs I
follow over so I am back here. actually blog..
A white glass vase, .99 cents
at Goodwill.


Round sticky yard sale tags
 And black spray paint, forgot to take a pic
of that...

The results.

I also picked this little guy up at Goodwill.
1.99 but he was a bit dull so that
same can of black spray paint
took care of him.
He will look cute in the garden.

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