From Glass to an Ant

In my last blog a couple of weeks ago I
blogged that I was looking at moving
my blog. I did, I was able to get
everything moved over but I never
got around to using it.
It was going to take so much to
move my contacts and blogs I
follow over so I am back here. actually blog..
A white glass vase, .99 cents
at Goodwill.


Round sticky yard sale tags
 And black spray paint, forgot to take a pic
of that...

The results.

I also picked this little guy up at Goodwill.
1.99 but he was a bit dull so that
same can of black spray paint
took care of him.
He will look cute in the garden.

Thanks for stopping by,


lifebythecreek said…
Awesome! Oh my gosh, that vase idea is so cute... and there are so many possibilities!

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