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Part 2 - BW Mailboxes

Water anyone? Pump it yourself! More water in the  form of a fire hydrant. Rain barrel or is this a whiskey barrel? Milk cans.  Fish.    Frog. Are these gargoyles? HAHA...the one below has a Darth Vader mask. Moving on to animals. Horse. Zebra wearing a Santa hat. Cow. Another cow. And staying with the  farm life. chicken. Dog. My first mailbox to photograph. This started the addiction of looking, finding and  shooting mailboxes. A fave dog of many. And a bear butt! Wow....and there are more to come.  I so love the creativity of some of these folks.

Part 1 - BW Mailboxes

Looking back in my ablums on FB I see that I started shooting unusual/unique/creative MAILBOXES in 2009. TEN YEARS with  189 mailboxes. Here are a few that  I have taken along the way.  A school bus. John Deer This is an amazing  tractor! Here is another shot of the tractor.  Yet another tractor in a smaller size. Cute little truck. A firetruck. This one below is  totally COOL. Now lets move on to  motorcycles! I love how the seat of that one above has a viney plant growing in it. Oops...looks like the motor had some issues. Lets take this down in  scale now. Lets jump from these to to farm like equipment. A plow. I actually have several of these plows from  different areas. Wow...that is a lot  of mailbox!!! I think this one is some sort of drill. Now I am not totally sure what these next few are made of but

Part Two of B&W Gates and Doors

Yesterday I shared my  gates and doors  from my last California trip. Today I am showing you some that I picked up around Nashville.. This is actually the gate in the barn where Misfire is. It seperates the wash area from the stables. This gate is also at the  barn.  Gate at TN Tiny Weddings. Door going under the  house on my brothers property. I love gates and unusual doors. And I totally love them in  B&W. Hope you enjoyed them.