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Stepping Stones, and The Wedding of Marie and Terry

  Has anyone ever used one of these to make a patio? I am weighing the do it myself thing or just buy the stepping stones I need.... haha My mind is always thinking up things to do.  Pam

WTH, Painting and Ivy

 WHAT THE HELL????~ NEVER HEARD OF THIS... you can read about it hear I found this on PINTEREST while scrolling through... Sometimes I feel so green to life. And sometimes I am afraid of what I see and read. Also scrolling on PINTEREST I found this. much more then the sunflower I painted on my shed at the other house. Here is some info on the artist~ Bonnie Siracusa was practically born  w ith a paint brush in her hand.  Drawing, painting and constructing  were Bonnie’s favorite pastimes as a child. She worked with various media and developed a talent and skills with anatomy drawing. Bonnie studied at The Art Students League in New York and is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where she majored in Fine Art. Her work has been featured throughout the New York Metropolitan Area in

Meet Brooks and Tulip Grove Eight Years Ago

 Meet Brooks. He came into this world on  2/22/21 weighing in at 7 lbs and 3 oz's. He was in a hurry to appear in this world so he arrived at 37 weeks. Although, he tried to come earlier then that. We are so glad he is good and healthy. Mom is doing great also. This makes my 4th great nephew. Seems this family can't make girls anymore. Our last girl was almost 26 yrs ago. My daughter had three boys, my nephew Chase, two boys and my niece Paige, two boys.  Holly, my niece was the last  girl and she will be 26 in June. Up till then it was a mix of girls and boys.  I had a girl and a boy. My younger brother, Holly's dad had the one girl and my older brother had a girl and two boys. Then came the  next generation with all boys! My son is almost 34 and he has yet to have kids. My nephew Cobi is 27 and yet to have kids and Holly is 26, and  yet to have kids.  Funny how things go..... I FEEL SO OLD. haha I have been shaing historical homes around my area, and this  popped up on my

Pics of This and That at the Wedding

  While playing around with the groom and  brides rings I thought it would be cute to show case the  venue! I don't post pics of my clients (that I take) till they have their pics.  I will deliver those tomorrow.... but here are a few pics of this and that during  the wedding. 

Tracks, Inches, Church and Wedding Pic

 Do you know what these tracks are, dear? oops.... DEER! These were shots I took on Friday after the snow from the road as I was going to the store.  I had these same tracks in my side yard. A bunch at the bird feeder where apparently they stopped  to eat seed on their morning walk. We actally ended up with 3.5 in my area.  When I got out on Friday, roads in my area were still covered until I got to the main one through the subdivision. The main, main roads were clear.  After doing my shopping I drove past the Hermitage property and was able to snap this pic of Rachel's Church (I blogged about it a week or so ago).  This LONG baby was hanging just  outside the deck Sunday while the sun was warming up the  earth.  Oh yes, let me tell you about my screen door on the deck. IT BROKE. One night after the snow we had  another night of some sleet.  I went to let Chey off the deck and  I had to push on the bottom of the screen to push ice pellets away so I could open the door. Little did I