Meet Brooks and Tulip Grove Eight Years Ago

 Meet Brooks.

He came into this world on 
2/22/21 weighing in at 7 lbs and
3 oz's. He was in a hurry to appear
in this world so he arrived at 37 weeks.
Although, he tried to come earlier
then that. We are so glad he is good
and healthy. Mom is doing great also.

This makes my 4th great nephew.
Seems this family can't make girls
anymore. Our last girl was almost
26 yrs ago. My daughter had three boys,
my nephew Chase, two boys and
my niece Paige, two boys. 
Holly, my niece was the last 
girl and she will be 26 in June.
Up till then it was a mix of
girls and boys. 

I had a girl and a boy.
My younger brother, Holly's dad had
the one girl and my older brother had
a girl and two boys. Then came the 
next generation with all boys!
My son is almost 34 and he has yet
to have kids. My nephew Cobi is 27 and
yet to have kids and Holly is 26, and 
yet to have kids. 
Funny how things go.....


I have been shaing historical homes
around my area, and this 
popped up on my memory page on
FB today...

I took this eight years ago, sunrise at 
Tulip Grove on Hermitage property.
I shared that mansion here~

I have taken so many pics over the years.....

I tend to forget about some. I love this shot. 

FYI~ I will be getting back to historical homes in my area. 



Brian said…
Welcome to the world wee one!!! Love the home photo!
Ann said…
Congratulations on the new arrival. What a precious little bundle.
CHERI said…
Precious, precious! Don't we just love a sweet new baby!!! Congratulations to everyone.
BeachGypsy said…
Cute adorable baby, congrats to them and to the family!! Hope your weekend is going great. The warm sunny day here has been real nice. And that is a real pretty sunset picture!!
BeachGypsy said…
Liz A. said…
Happy birthday, Brooks.

My brother had one girl and four boys. What is it with boys?
Darla M Sands said…
Best wishes to the family! ~hugs~ And that photo is gorgeous. Be well, my dear.

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