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Heart Paint Class and Light Switches

 I have had two classes at my home. Due to space I have kept it to three people each time.  With that being said, Sunday I had the 2nd one. I picked out two  heart Valentine related paintings to go by.  Here is the first. When I have a class I always paint one of each up so  that the folks have something to look at to go by. I have attended classes where the teacher teaches while she paints. I rather not do it that way so that  the students have my attention and I can  help them through it. Here is what I painted. I do not expect my class to paint the same colors, or the same way. I want them to put their own spin on it. Brianna did hers in blue since that is her fave color. Great job. The next one I offered up was these two but only painted on one canvas.  He is my version of that in  my fave color purple. I think my sis in law did a great job with that one. My niece, Holly being my niece wanted to jump out of the  box and paint her own thing. I am totally good with that. just glad th

The Valentine Tree, Visitors Passing Through and the Golden Years

 Valentine Tree... I started with just the hearts on it. Then I put some silver bells that I had on  there also. Then yesterday I was at  the Dollar Tree and found three heart necklaces for  a buck. I got two packs and  pulled them apart to drape on the tree like garland. I am loving my Christmas tree turned a holiday tree.    Friday morning at 6:30 am, I was up thanks to Lily Bits running across the body !!   I walked past the picture window to see  these babes. Actually there were six of them in the yard. My subdivision is the pass through from the woods between the little league  field and the subdivision, to  the river.  My yard seems to be the  walk through! I love seeing the  sites,  but I feel sad for the deer.    Next on the list... I remember the days when I  would not even go to  the mailbox without makeup on! lol Those days are LONG gone.  I had a meeting the other day  and once I was done with  that I knew I needed to go to the grocery store and run a couple of errands. I w

Cold, 2/22/22, Bday, and The Challenger

 My get up and go, got up and went... Don't have to tell you what these temps do to a body... My body... But lets move on... saw this on FB. Julie and I had already talked about 2/2/22 and 2/22/22. These are the types of  dates that brides and grooms tend  to really like. Had not thought of  the 2's part of it. Here is Julie's ad on FB. There's so many fabulous fun dates to choose from if you were to get Married in February! Which date do you like and why? 2-2-22 2-14-22 2-22-22 Jan 28, 2022 my dad would have  been 94. On that same date, this event took place 36 years ago.  I remember this like it was yesterday.  I did get out yesterday around 3pm to  run some errands. Problem was, I was  in enough pain that I got to Lowes and just could not make myself  go anywhere else. However my friend, Tim, called while I was out and wanted to take  me to dinner and a movie. I bailed  on the movie, but dinner was nice.  But with this, set me back so I really need to move it an

Replies, Fan Blades, Secret Wedding, and Skies

   Liz at said that she needed to locate somewhere other than GW  to donate to~ I feel that way for sure. Have seen things there marked a couple of bucks when you can  buy it all day in  Dollar Tree for  a buck. For my clothes that are not stained, ripped, or faded I found a place in the next city down that takes them and sells them for the profit going to women from abusive lives. To help them.  There are women's missions and places like this one that do this.  Liz also liked how my table turned out Thank you so much. Darla at that if we lived close to  each other she would take some of my classes like painting, wood work and other things. She loves my creativity. Thanks Darla! I love pasting things on and  teaching things to others. And Brain over at suggested that I let Lily or Misty catch a bird for the little birdhouse..... NOPE. Been there with a bird in the house right afte

Found Memories in Moms Pics

 I had a couple of  photo albums that still had pics in there, that mom had. I had just sat them back when mom past and the other day I went  through them. This is my dad on  the left, in Ghost Town Calif. He was stationed  in San Diego at the time. My mom and older brother in Tombstone Az.  My guess, this was taken  on  a trip from Calif to Georgia visit family.  Before I was born of course. Speaking of me... my older brother and I  in Calif. WOW....I have NO CLUE how my dad got me to  hold this thing! I don't do fishy smelling fish. I forgot this pic even existed. The pic below is of  Wendy. She was the little girl that lived next door to me, that I babysat with and spent a lot of my time with. Wendy of course is turning 49 or 50 this Sept. Yes, she is still part of  my life. Who is Tom Biggers? Well, Tom was my great  uncle. My moms uncle on  her dads side.  Tom was a local newspaper reporter/writer for Cedartown, Georgia.  He also taught little league baseball. The field is nam

Crafty Birdhouse and The Up Do on the Table- Twice

 Trying to keep myself moving and doing.  I had this crafty  bird house that I wanted to do something with. I painted the roof and  the base, Covered the sides with scrapbook paper. Painted a wooden candle holder and then I mounted them together.  I just need to work on  where I folded the paper in the  openings to make that cleaner. Thinking at this point to just taking a blade and cutting that  away. I am totally the worst crafter at sharing what I  do, well, more like sharing pics of before pieces. I had to go searching through my blog to find a pic of this library table. BELOW  This pic is of it next to  my front door at my old home.  This is what I did to it when I moved to my childhood home. I covered it with tongue and  groom wood, stained it and  applied it to the actual table.  I was using it as a bar in my kitchen here at the  new place. But it was not  being used in there either so  when I moved the living  room around I placed it behind the couch. It works fine there but I