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Not Giving a SIP

This is basically how I felt Friday and yesterday. Actually I slept most of the day yesterday. After my outing the other night in the cold staying with Roxy I have been dealing with pain and fatigue.  The pain yesterday was the  type that wears me out. It is what I call the burning pain. It feels like just under the skin is on fire. Today it feels so much better. I might manage to get something done today. On the way back from the barn yesterday I looked over to the open field and saw this. I would love to have a model out there in the center of all that to  photograph. According to something I saw not to long ago, women are embracing their gray. HAHA.....yep, they don't  have as much as I do! For several years now women, young women have been paying money to have gray put in their hair. My advice~ stop paying, have kids and  give it time!!! Before the thoughts of selling my

Easter Door Decor/Drinks/ Injury/ Snake

Check out these cute little door decor for Easter.   Cute cut out for the bunny below but I am not a big fan of buffalo check. Here is one I did a few yrs ago. Maybe I will get it hung today.....along with all the  other MAYBES. I had a large wooden basket that I had taken apart. I put the slats together and painted on them. With starting back to work, body  not being happy, cleaning up after dogs, chasing run away dogs,  and dealing with the horse death  the other night.....I did pretty much nothing yesterday. Oh wait, I did go to the store. I cooked chicken for the dogs, I looked beef liver for today, cleaned the dishes I let pile up in the sink (yes, I did let them go), scrubbed down counter tops, vac'd and mopped....YESTERDAY.  The day was gone before I knew it. On my way from feeding last night I got a text from Theresa and Liz, come to the Asian place to eat. I stopped in,  and with the

This, That, Yellow Bells and Sunset

Found a couple more door decors that  would be great to paint once they are cut out in wood.  Spring flower! Or a mason jar. (Pinterest pics) If you were not awear of it my daughter gave me 3 boys then my she turns around and marrys a man with 4 boys! The only ones that live with her and Will are Amber's 3 but on weekends when the others come over it  can become a house full. I saw this pic on PINTEREST and  thought of her. Might have to make her one to go with her farmhouse look!  I also saw this on FB this morning. I thought of Julie at  TN Tiny Weddings. They have a wooden fence like this. Yesterday on the way to work I stopped at Sonic and grabbed a 1/2 and 1/2 tea. Looked up as I was pulling out and saw the sun rising. I stopped at mom's to bring the  trash cans up from the road and I glanced in the back yard. Isn't this so pretty? Great thing about these b

Door Decor

I love taking something and  repurposing it as something else. LOVE the bike wheel. The yellow makes me think spring but the red and black have me thinking more like fall. Here is a touch more yellow, PLUS you are repurposing rain boots. But the tulips look so  springy. Forget the spring for us in TN, I probably needed something like this all winter with all the rain we have had. This is cute. I thought about doing one before but with silk flowers. Yep, well I thought about it, it however did not get made. PURPLE... I love PURPLE. And I love this. Tulips are a spring  flower for sure. Check out these decorations for the door, all using tulips. All those are adorable. While scrolling PINTEREST for door decor  I saw this one. IT SPOKE TO ME... It has a whimsical look to it. A rustic, whimsical look. And I have a frame like that!! Thinking I might just ne