Easter Door Decor/Drinks/ Injury/ Snake

Check out these cute little
door decor for Easter.  

Cute cut out for the bunny below
but I am not a big fan
of buffalo check.

Here is one I did a few yrs
ago. Maybe I will get it hung
today.....along with all the 
other MAYBES.

I had a large wooden basket
that I had taken apart. I put the slats
together and painted on them.

With starting back to work, body 
not being happy, cleaning up after
dogs, chasing run away dogs, 
and dealing with the horse death 
the other night.....I did pretty much
nothing yesterday.

Oh wait, I did go to the store. I
cooked chicken for the dogs,
I looked beef liver for today,
cleaned the dishes I let pile up
in the sink (yes, I did let them go),
scrubbed down counter tops, vac'd
and mopped....YESTERDAY. 

The day was gone before I knew it.
On my way from feeding last night
I got a text from Theresa and Liz,
come to the Asian place to eat.
I stopped in, 
and with the week I had
I decided this was more
what I needed then food.

This morning was a 
Hazelnut sort of 

If you have been reading my
blog for a bit you would 
know by now that I am 
one of those people that maybe
need to be wrapped in bubble

The other night in the pasture 
trying to help keep Roxy
relaxed and comfortable, she
tried to get up, kicked out and 
got me in the foot.
I noticed today that it was sore
and swollen.....
normally my veins are right 
under the skin, I have big
noticeable veins.

My backside in my right cheek is
really sore. When I jumped back to
get out of her way, I fell and I think I
hit either a stick or rock.
Back is not at all happy either from
pulling on her and I have learned
that you can get a horse up 
if a horse can't get up.

Speaking of critters....
out with the dogs yesterday I 
stopped at the flowerbed that is
yelling for some love and care to
pull some weeds when I 
spotted this.

Oh hell.....I jumped back!
I don't know enough about snakes
to call what is what. 
I figured a gater snake but until
I knew, I was not messing in that

Chey however spotted it also, 
and I had to pull
her back as it moved to 
under the shed.

Later it was out sunning again.
But that is okay, I now know to be 
careful and keep my eyes out.
According to friends on fb, 
friendly snake, eats bugs
and nothing to worry about!


Darla M Sands said…
Ooh, pretty snake! But I laud you for being wary. Happy early Easter!
wisps of words said…
What horse died??????

I need to be able to just scroll down, and find your last post, and your last, before that. Grrrr..... I can't find it, with this set up you have.

Soooo, I don;t know what horse died.

I'm not going to touch your latest injury "with a 10' pole." Because I don't think you should be trying to take care of all these critters, with your health issues.

And this is none of my business.


✨ ✨
Rain said…
I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES...any kind. Eeek. I'm glad you had a little drinkie, cheers Pam. :) I hope your body heals quickly, my gosh that is an awful bruise! I love the burlap Easter bunny!
Christine said…
Easter's just around the corner isn't it?
Ann said…
I am not a fan of snakes and even if it is friendly I don't want it slithering over my while I'm digging in the flowers
That is such a cute Easter sign you made. I hope you hang it! That looks like a harmless garter so you are safe if you see him again. Sometimes we need a cocktail in place of a meal. Hopefully it speeds up your foot healing!
Brian said…
I love those Easter door decorations!
Rhodesia said…
Hope the foot is on the mend, it looks very sore. I like snakes, but unless I am sure of my identification I take it easy!!! Get better soon Diane
Mary K. said…
Pam you are a braver woman than me. If I had seen that snake I'd be at the border by now and never look back.
Jeanie said…
The bubble wrap isn't a bad idea! I could use that, too! Hope all is better soon.

I would have freaked to the moon seeing that snake. I know many of them are just fine but I have no plan to check it out personally!
Liz A. said…
I like your Easter sign. Glad the snake is mostly harmless.

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