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TV Line Up, Dinner, License Plates, and Candy Corn

 It's's here... the Halloween TV  line up for Oct. Not sure what I will watch but at least  I know what will be on and what time. Thursday night I met T for dinner at our local Italian restaurant. I did not think I was hungry, plus, I am still dealing with  the nausea feeling.  But I ordered MILD chicken wings. Mild only cause I  did not want to put a tasty hot sauce on my chicken,  not sure if I could handle it. I am not a big broccoli fan, but  oh my gosh, this was so good. I never thought that garlic on broccoli was something  that would be good... IT WAS AMAZING. I ate almost all that. I managed to get one chicken leg down, Lunch and dinner in  my future.  The last couple days I saw some cute  license plates. Frozen! Luvie! Needed to pick up a  couple of things yesterday, and  when I spotted a bad of candy corn, I had to have one. Had to post on FB for my friend Mark, he loves this stuff. I like it, but can only do a small  amount at a time and being that I get na

Cards, Skinny and Evie

  Morning! I have rec'd several cards while dealing with STONER. On Wednesday I got two sweet cards. One from Pam, a classmate. You have met Pam's cats  cause Pam plays on a  traveling ball team and  I go and feed her babes  when she does. Remember, Annie,  Mister and Runner, those are Pam's babes.  The card I got from Pam was actually,  signed (haha) by Annie, Mister and Runner and  they said they missed me. The second card was from Tammy. Tammy is the asst.  Director to the  Dept. of General Services,  Printing and Photo Services, but she is also a sweet friend. I met Tammy many years ago when I was an account clerk  for printing, she became my  boss, but not only a boss, a  friend.  When I left photo services for the TBI, she told me that of  all the folks that leave, I was  the hardest and she would really miss me.  In her card she said that she  was only a few mins from me and I better yell if she  could do anything, plus, she missed my big smile. How touching my frien

Wendy, National Days, and Targets

 Yesterday was the bday of a  dear friend, Wendy. I met Wendy at the age of three months old when  I started babying sitting with  her. She won my heart then. Wendy lived next door to me.  And although her mom did not work, I kept Wendy for even the shortest time as mom going to the grocery store.  I was not a loner, I had  friends coming out my ears. I was popular and always on the run here and there, visiting  with friends. A lot of the time, Wendy went with me. When I was not running here and there, Wendy was put in the stroller and we walked, and walked and talked...even though she prob did not know much  of what I said. As Wendy grew, she became one of my fave folks to hang with. I was 13 when this young girl came into my life. I taught Wendy to count, say her ABC's, I taught her about Donny and Marie, I even clipped her banes and hair when it was needed. Her mom never had to worry about her when she was out and about with me. When I started to date at 16, mom would keep Wendy

Wizard of Oz, and Halloween Decor

 Did anyone guess?? I did have one guess... the guess came from  Jim and Barb's RV Adventure   Thinking it was Bewitched! NOPE. The lady above is  Margaret Hamilton the wicked witch. The two men,  Ray Bolger (The Scarecrow) & Jack Haley (The Tin Man) pic taken in 1969. One more day of Paxlovid but my chest is still tight. However, it is fall and that is when my lungs usually act up due to season asthma. But, I do feel better. I piddled around the day before put Halloween stuff out and today, I am worn out. Taking it easy, not doing a thing! I did lay in the floor and pulled out my photography glass ball. Witchy Gnome in her magic crystal ball. Made these several years ago. I love them. Basket of pumpkins. Around the fireplace Mailbox needs some thing else. Gotta work on that. But it will have to wait till after tomorrow since I am still COVID'Y and can't go shopping. But in my gut I am thinking I might have some more stuff downstairs. Might need to go look. Have you p