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Throw Back Thursday - 1978

Yep....that was me! Young, thin, and brown hair! This was taken in Oct. 1978 at Centennial Park in Nashville TN. at the WLAC Multiple Sclerosis event. This is DJ Captain Sunshine from WLAC. And this is Donny Osmond! He flew in while on honeymoon to give a short talk and out again he went. Great Day. And even Soleil Moon Frye from Punky Brewster was there that day. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

More Quotes, The Cold and Caleb

More quotes from PINTEREST! I had to save this one... it is so me on any given day! I am always telling my friends this so I saved this one for them... I actually found tis one on facebook this morning... I smiled as I read it, I also was shaking my head yes to each comment. I did them all.
Oh no....someone has been watching me! I have crafts unfinished also along with the laundry, and dishes. Ask my mom, when I lived at home I starts so many things and some are still not finished to this day!
On this one though, my camera seems to call me away more these days then the crafts do. Yep, you got it. It's HUMP DAY!
LOL.... the cold has us all in its grips! I shot this back in the summer at an art crawl. I love it. I remember a time when attending a party of a woman that I took painting with, someone asked me if I was an artist too. I replied with, "well I do paint"... and at that time I feel an elbow in my back, I turn and my teacher says, " Yes, she is an artist,…

Words of Wisdom, Quotes and What Knots from Pinterest and Email

I love PINTEREST. I love to go to quote section and read the quotes. But then again I have found some interesting ones in email also! Okay, good question. Surely they are not still using the SEARS catalog! I love it! At this age, I will be dead by the time mine is born and grows up!
One of my favs. I love BUBBLE WRAP! Use to keep some in my desk at work so that I could use it as a stress reliever.... someone tick you off, out of the drawer it comes... POP, POP, POP! But with me working at a law enforcement company this is not really wise to just pull out and start popping.
Yes, yes, yes... I agree. Where did I put my hammer?  I actually feel that way when I go to the chiropractor.. SNAP, CRACKLE and POP!
I have been seeing Keep Calm quotes and saying all over PINTEREST for awhile but this one really spoke to me. I am a total Wizard of Oz fan!
I love my nieces and nephews. My niece Jessica told me a month or so ago that I was flamboyant! I liked that word. Then I was on PINTERES…

Chelsea Senior Pics - With Boyfriend Dustin

A week ago I introduced you to Chelsea. I have photographed Chelsea several times in the past. Always a pleasure. These are some of the shots we got the other day.
Love the barn setting and the out shoots Forever thank you to my brother Ray for allowing me the use of his land for my shoots.
The kids really love the window at the top of the barn.

This guy that Chelsea is kissing is her boyfriend of two years.

The manly shot! LOL No clue what he was thinking at this point.
Off to college for Dustin at least. Chelsea will be attending college around home.

Thanks Chelsea for allowing me to photograph you again and I am looking forward to the next shoot. The EXPECTING pics. Chelsea is pregnant and due this summer. After that, I will be honored to shoot the newborn pics. Congrats. Thanks for stopping in and come again soon, Pam

Throw Back Thursday

Love the Throw Back Thursday thing that folks do on Facebook so I decided to bring it here to my blog. Thursday January 23, 2014 TBT Me, and that would be my brother Ray playing in the sand behind me. Truth be known, he probably threw sand in my eyes, made me cry and turned around and started playing again! LOL Just kidding! We are a beach in San Diego California. My dad was in the Navy and he was stationed here. Thinking that I must not have liked the sand on my hands...oh how things change! I love the sand now esp to bury my feet in on a warm day! Thanks for stopping in, please come again, Pam

Chelsea Senior Class Pic

Meet Chelsea. I first met her when she was about 3 years old. Her mother and my daughter went to school together. This is Chelsea's 1st prom 2012. And this was prom 2013.
But here is one Chelsea's senior class pics. I am editing on the rest, so stay tuned for more.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Habitat for Humanity Rehab Restore

I really like this store but my visit on Saturday to the Lebanon store did not produce much in what I bought. But I do have some pics of some things I saw. Look at all these. Did not get any of them since I have a "few" at the house already. Need to use what I have before purchasing more! You know...LIMITED SPACE! LOVED this window. Almost got it but decided against it.  I could see this as being a door to a nice cabinet but....I would have the build the cabinet and unlike Gail over at My Repurposed Life - I don't have the building talent that she does. This is a window that I could see her making a cabinet for it to fit! Drawers, drawers and more drawers. I love the shelves that I see these used as on PINTEREST. I had been wanting one for a long time and about a yr ago I found one on the side of the road.... and it is at this point still on the bookcase in the craft room.....just where I put it when I found it. So, no, I did not purch…