Words of Wisdom, Quotes and What Knots from Pinterest and Email

I love to go to quote section and
read the quotes.
But then again I have
found some interesting ones
in email also!
Okay, good question.
Surely they are not still using the SEARS
I love it!
At this age, I will be dead by the time
mine is born and grows up!

One of my favs. I love BUBBLE WRAP!
Use to keep some in my desk at work
so that I could use it as a stress
someone tick you off,
out of the drawer it comes...
But with me working at a law enforcement
company this is not really wise to
just pull out and start popping.

Yes, yes, yes...
I agree.
Where did I put my hammer? 
I actually feel that way when I go
to the chiropractor..

I have been seeing Keep Calm quotes
and saying all over PINTEREST
for awhile but this one really
spoke to me.
I am a total Wizard of Oz fan!

I love my nieces and nephews.
My niece Jessica told me a month
or so ago that I was flamboyant!
I liked that word.
Then I was on PINTEREST and I
found this. I thought since my mom
has called me a gypsy before and
Jessica thinks I am flamboyant that
this fit too!

Can it be I am a flamboyant bohemian gypsy?
It must be the artist in me!
Or am I offbeat?
An oddball?
Who knows? 
Enough said. 
I try, daily and I think I do a
fair to really good job.

Oops, has mine been inspiring?
Maybe, I had a paper written on
me about, "who would you like
to see on the postage stamp"....
I have that framed and it hangs in
my spare room.
That came from my nephew,
the brother of the niece that thinks
I am flamboyant!...
Thanks Sean.

The days of me dreaming BIG....have passed.
I try to sparkle but I think I need to add
more sequins and beads!
And I will continue to shine bright!

Thanks for stopping in,
Come again soon,


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