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Depression and Eggs to Pots and Guns

Yesterday I touched on depression and  also acceptance from one you love. I need to put this out there more like  I do the fibro, awareness is somthing  that needs to be looked at more.  I have not had many ups and downs with depression in several years, my  fibro med is used to treat Fibro, depression and OCD. Life should get interesting now that I am trying life without meds. With that said, DEPRESSION  is an illness but it is an illness that can lead to death of oneself of others. Be aware of family and friends around you that might need that extra help and love. I am a FIRM believer of  MEDS FOR  DEPRESSION. If you need them, take them to help you through the rough spots. With all that said, Dara you might  want to share with hubby.  My friend Debbie introduced me  to this, and keep in mind when Debbies mom was alive they found the coolest, strangest and neatest gadgets! This is an electric egg cooker. It wi


I am a happy go lucky person GENERALLY! Several years ago I dipped down into some major depression. I was very sick and this was before the fibro kicked in. I let life pile up on me, it began to take me over. I CRASHED. Then....I rebuilt myself, I  found myself and for the first time in life I began to  accept me and more to the  point I began to like me. I found ME... the real me and I was pleased. With that said I had to dissect my life, and when I say life, I had to  go way back. You see what I kept hidden all my life was my feelings. I let things that were said to  me, and done to me take up residence in my mind and all  those years I screwed with me. I did not see my worth, matter of fact I spent a lot of time being told I did not have a worth.  In dissecting my life, I came to terms with the things that were said and done to me. I realized that  I could not change that, I accepted  that the thoughts of other

Long Blog - Flowers, B&W, Signs and Sayings

Going to Calif. I love seening plants we don't have in TN. or ones that we have a different version of. While there I started studying wildflowers on the net to see what I found there that I liked and if they would grow in my growing zone of 7. The times we have lack on rain  most would fit in. Although some say they will grow here I do wonder how they would do in  the cold. But you know, all I have to do is TRY! I decided that the studying and learning of those plants is a goal for me for next  spring. When I picked T up at the hospital Friday we ran to  STARBUCKS.... apparently the coffee in  the hospital was not to her liking....:) I love this saying. And this one. This is so me....if I  can take a scenic route I am all about it. HAHA...usually with camera in  hand of course. With that, I use this phrase a lot. Waiting on an elevatore, I might get on one going up when I need to  go dow