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Weekly Note and Jan through Feb 2019

I saw this on FB several years ago and tried it but...after a couple of weeks I failed to  add to the jar. However, maybe this year I will try again. All of you that have been following me this year no of the rough yr I had, it would have been nice to have something like this to look back on for the NICE things that happened  this yr.  But until I have a jar full of nice notes I will do it this way. A recap on the year.... good and bad from my blogs. First on the list and all  of this will go in order of how they took place. Dec. 30, 2018 my mom entered ICU after surgery on the 28th. I had been looking for  a piece to hang in my bedroom but was not having any luck, till I saw this on a road side shopping trip early Jan. It is still not hung but I hope to get my room painted this yr, paint this piece and hang it. On a trip to Wally World after sitting with mom in ICU I found a hammock. I

Rusty, Peeling Gates / Everliegh / Letters and Tea

       Now is this not a beautiful little girl? photo not by me. sweet. Speaking of Everleigh I made her  this cute letter for her name for  the room she shares with her mom. I also gave her a cute  unicorn blanket and a  gift card for what ever she needs for Christmas.  Did not wish to leave her mom out so I made her a letter and gave her some really soft socks. I love sweet tea...   however, I need to work on breaking that habit and  drinking more unsweet. When I had surgery I drank water and unsweet tea. To add to the tea I would squeeze some orange in my tea. A week or so ago I found blood oranges and got some  of them. I have been putting them in my tea.... YEP, I am sold!!! Its Monday again... Rained all day  yesterday so I had a  do nothing day. However today I need to get something done. First step, get that Goodwill stuff out of the house and get

New Tree and Plants

Christmas day night I ordered a  new Christmas tree...   6 foot and skinny! Oh yes, and black. A couple of days later I went to Dollar General and got a few silver ornaments and silver bells. Next yr I will hunt down more and some purple ones. Oh yes, I got my silver ones for 1/2 price! I love a deal!! That means that I have a 7ft FULL FAT tree that I have not used in years. A 5ft skinny tree in a  pot, usually used on front porches but I use in the house cause it don't take up a lot of room. Two 3 footers... ENOUGH!  I think that is ENOUGH. Thinking that the large one needs to go. If you read yesterdays blog you know I did engagement pics  at Opryland Hotel. Here are a few shots from  there. I have not been out there in  several years but I always love looking at all the plants and flowers.  However, I was on a mission  so I did not take a lot of ext

Engagement Pics

Saturday morning started off with getting ready for a photo session. Then to the barn to feed.  From there,breakfast  with Chris and Renee. From there we went to the  Opryland Hotel for  our photo session. Here we are on the  elevator with the  mirror ceiling! This session is for engagement pics. Marriage is April 25th. Funny thing is... Chris is the guy I  used to date. HAHA... Misfire is also at his barn. Nothing like staying friends with folks you no longer date! We are all good with it. I will also be shooting the wedding. Sitting at home with  my tea with blood orange squeezed in  there... YUMMY. Tomorrow...I hope to  just hang here at the house all day. Pam