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Once a Bulldog and The Arrangement

Went to Zaxby's the other day. Not been since it was built. I went in to sat down and looked up to see this on the wall. DuPont High School Bulldogs 1928-1986 1928- the year the 1st Senior Class was added to DuPont High and 1986- the last senior class to graduate from DuPont Sr. High I am from the class of 1978! Proud of it. Now onto last nights project. Picked this up several years ago from Goodwill. $1.99
Mom had this and gave it to me to use.
Got these at Old Time Pottery a month ago.
The outcome.
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

The Fish Pond

My oldest brother Ray has a really nice fish pond in his front yard. Last month I was out house sitting for him and I picked up this really nice flat rock and knew right away what I wanted to do with it. To sit near Ray and Lori's fish pond! What do you think? Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Fuse Box Cover/Door

I don' think that I ever known anyone to move and take the cover/door off the fuse box to take it with them. UNTIL NOW! LOL Years ago I got a call from my brother wanting to know if I could paint on the cover of the fuse box. Never have done it but figured why not. Their fuse box was in the washroom. It was taken down and given to me to paint. Ray left it up to me as to what to paint on it. This is what I came up with... Brick patio, birdbath, flowers and vines of green. LOL I think upon seeing it Ray got more than he thought he would get! But Lori, my sis in law loved it so much that when she took people through their home, they were taken to the washroom that was now painted a peachy/orange color to match a flower in the painting. We laughed about them moving one day and having to take the cover with them.
And that is just what they did. It is now hanging in there bedroom. Pretty cool I think. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Working Around the Yard

Weekend before last I worked in the yard and got the deck all decked out for enjoying time out there. This weekend I intended to make a flower bed along side of the shed. But the issue with that every spring is CARPENTER BEES. With a tennis racket in hand I knocked several across the yard, and cut one in half, but you know you can only play tennis with them for so long... And if you really want to read a funny.. jump over to an older blog and enjoy a good read. The deal is, the first original ones to my shed years ago, drilled up in the wood at the bottom of my shed. With swarming it makes it hard to get out there. I learned that they lay the eyes up in the holes, and then they die. The eggs hatch out in the spring and the swarming starts again. Even with the extreme cold, I actually have more then I have ever had. With all that said, I decided to wait to make that bed, till they are gone. So I had to locate anot…

My Changing Hairstyles

When I was younger I loved LONG hair. This was taken when I was about 14 years old and I loved my long hair. Then for some reason I decided to have it cut to what was known then as a long shag. 15 here.
Over the next couple of years it got shorter. This pic was taken my senior year. I really liked this cut.
But somewhere along the line I let it grow again. Hard to tell in this pic but as a young mom I let it get past my shoulders again. DON'T laugh.....this was the 80's. The curly perm and long before the spiral type. What was I thinking? I was 21 here...
Then we skip to 2004 which put me at 44 yrs old. I am sure there are pics here and there to cover from 21 to 44 but I was not digging them up. LOL Keep in mind though, the hair went from long to short, from short to long...and so on, and so on. 2004-44 yrs old
Wow, then we have this pic... GRAY hair! I stopped hitting the bottle (dying my hair) in 2008 - 48 yrs old and I was even shocked at how gray it was when I let it …

This, That and the Other

So spring finally found us here in the Nashville area. Only to throw in Dogwood winter last week. Had to laugh when I saw this! Covering plants? Early ghost for Halloween? Afraid the mailbox was cold? Well you know me, it was to funny to pass up, had to have a pic. This was another head scratching site at next door to mom's house one day.
Orange Tree? The kids were tossing up the Halo's as the groceries were being taking from the car... yep, tree caught them. Halo's.....reminds me of a story. A month or so ago I was at home and I decided I wanted a Halo. So I am at the kitchen sink washing my Halo off when the phone rings. I missed the call from my mom so I called her back and she asked what I was doing? My reply..... Washing my Halo! Total silence on mom's end of the line. Then I realized how that sounded and I busted out laughing. LOL Cleaning off the deck and uncovering the grill last weekend I found this guy. Thinking he is a tree frog.

I had to usher him to th…


WICKED! Read the book... was not impressed. My niece Holly kept telling me the play was so much better, and I have to say I agree. Saturday night, my sis in laws Lori and Kim, my nieces Holly and Jessica and I went to WICKED. I LOVED IT. I was so afraid it would shine a bad light on my all time most fav movie, The Wizard of Oz but no, it did not. The childhood fantasy of the Wizard of Oz still lives! And now I have a special place in my heart for WICKED. And the fun night I had out with the ladies. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

The Weekend -Cleaning the Deck and the Master Piece

Before I move onto the cleaning of the deck I wanted to share CLYDE! This is my son's dog. He is 3 yrs old and weighs in at a whopping 135! As you can tell, he is a big boy. He keeps hurting the pad on his back foot so Cory has him all bandaged up.  Now, the master piece! Candle holder I got at Goodwill for $1.99 a couple of years ago. In the past I have sat a clay pot with flowers down in the holder....looks adorable. But I decided to change it up some this year.
So I took a glass globe I found at Goodwill a few months ago for the same price of the holder and ....
This is what I came up with. Looks great in the garden but when things really start blooming it will look even better!
Now moving on to the deck. Two years ago the sides were rebuilt on my deck,  the flooring might look rough but if is stable so it stayed as it was. This weekend I got out and uncovered the items on the deck, had them covered with tarp and I rearranged the deck a bit different from the past y…

Spring is Springing at my House

Just a week or so ago this was my Hosta. Today, this is them. And I actually dug some up and moved them.... I got these from the woman that use to watch my children. I planted them at my other house but when I moved 21.5 yrs ago I dug them up and brought them with me... I have had them about 24 yrs.
I have a creek that runs right next to my driveway. I have tried for yrs to get ivy to grow there but I guess it never got enough water cause it never took hold. a couple of yrs ago I emptied a pot that had some in there that looked like it was dying. But look at it now.

Growing all over one area. Yay.. Lemon sage. Smells like lemon pledge. Never cooked with it but that is what it is for. I have had this plant about 24 to 25 yrs also. It has been moved around the yard several times, and it spreads.
Out of my iris' this is the only one blooming.
This one is on the same plant. Took this shot Tuesday evening.

This is the same flower, took it Wed., yesterday.

A wild violet.