My Changing Hairstyles

When I was younger I loved
This was taken when I was about 14
years old and I loved my long hair.
Then for some reason I decided to have it
cut to what was known then as a long
15 here.

Over the next couple of years it
got shorter.
This pic was taken my
senior year.
I really liked this cut.

But somewhere along the line
I let it grow again.
Hard to tell in this pic but as a young
mom I let it get past my shoulders again.
DON'T laugh.....this was the 80's.
The curly perm and long before the
spiral type.
What was I thinking?
I was 21 here...

Then we skip to 2004 which put me at
44 yrs old.
I am sure there are pics here and
there to cover from 21 to 44
but I was not digging them up.
Keep in mind though, the hair
went from long to short, from
short to long...and
so on, and so on.
2004-44 yrs old

Wow, then we have this pic...
GRAY hair!
I stopped hitting the bottle
(dying my hair) in 2008 - 48 yrs old and
I was even shocked at how gray it was
when I let it grow out.
This was taken 2011

Then we go to 2012


another 2013

Well look at that....getting long again in
mid 2013 till ......

in April I decided to really mess
with it...
and after 20 yrs. I of no perm I
decided to give it a try.
Looked good here but
for some reason it just would
not hold this curl long.
Could be the hair, me or meds...
who knows but it just was not holding
this look.

So.....on Tuesday this week I went back to

I think I am over the letting it grow phrase
at the age of 54.  To much up keep.
and I personally think I look younger
with it short....
I think I went a tad short this time.
Next cut will not be this short...
Thanks for stopping in,


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