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Pics of Venue, Stones River, Hummingbirds, Blue Moon, and Paintings

Glass door knobs on 200 year old doors. The above and below pics were taken  during the food drive. This flower, weed or whatever is called Nashville Mustard. This pic however was taken in  my yard. This is Stones River a couple miles from me from two days of rain. From the two days we got 7.6 inches. Second highest  in Nashvilles flooding, the floods of 2010 rate number 1. They are coming. Get your feeders filled. Hummingbirds are headed in. Went to dinner with Theresa the other night and I decided the best drink was  going to be a beer. Here is what I have been doing while sitting in the den during the storms and tornado  warnings. After posting on the bunny and wagon  on FB. My aunt said she loved it. So I told her if she will admit I am her fave neice I it is hers. Got package it up and send it to her! Gnome is mine of course. Just playing around with this one. Decided my stools needed something. Sealed them yesterday. Now I have to get ready for a meeting.. Later, Pam

Stuck and Breakage, Drawers, and Food Drive Part 1

  Been a bit since I blogged about issues  in the kitchen. Washing dishes, set the mixing bowl in the other sink  to rises, then one of Lily's plates.  OOPS... it got stuck. I even turned the bowl upside down in the sink and left it all day to see if the  plate would drop down.  I could not get it out. I was not concerned about the  plate, but I did not want to  break my bowl.  Oh well.............. At least my bowl is in tack.  I never remember to take  before pics, like of  the sewing machine cabinet I am working on.  However, it is stripped down, and I have sanded. I have also stained. This is just of the drawers. I need to strip a part I  missed on the cabinet itself so once that is done I will finish up the stain and seal it.  Saturday was Food Drive day... from left to right ⟱⟱⟱⟱⟱⟱⟱⟱⟱⟱ Julie, Lisa, Autumn, me, Heather and Krystal. FOOD. We had live music. It was a beautiful day and we had fun. More to come later. Pam

Kitchen Window (again), Where my Feet Have Been, and Effects

  Sheri at here is another shot of my other kitchen window. I only took this one cause I clipped blooms from  my bushes and I figured this is the best place to keep cats from knocking them over.  Many years ago I had an album on  FB that featured MY FEET. It was called, "where my feet  have been". I deleted it after a few yrs but I have started it back. Where my feet have been ~ kicked  back on the couch with two of three furs.  I had my big camera at the Bright Place, Home of TN Tiny Wedding so I jumped up on the  pew in the hitching post to get a close up of  the chandlier. Then I played with effects when I loaded the pics on the computer. HAHA....I just keep writting blogs and I am about five days behind. These pics  were taken on Saturday, today as I write this it is Wed. But...I have about four blogs to post before posting this one so you are prob reading this on  Sunday....maybe! See  Ann at I m

Kudos to Dad - The Note

I saw some boys playing  up in the back yard on Friday. They were actually  between my house and the neighbors.  There is a concreted ditch up there. I have  no issues with them being up  there, or even cutting through  my yard. HOWEVER, (yep, that word is  sort of like the BUT you hear  when folks are telling you  something)!! ANYWAY,  Saturday morning  when I was headed out I walked  to the  mailbox. Once  getting to the  mailbox I noticed  that my  concrete planter  that sats on my concreted block  thingy that sats at the end of the  drive, (no clue what they are called)  was turned upside down in the ditch.  Plus, I had taken  my carpet out of the back of my  car (truck area)  to hang on the fence  so the rain could wash it clean. The  boys (my boys) had spilled something  on it.  That was also in  the ditch. A little further down  the ditch was pallet wood  that I had in the drive way,  up next to the house.  What would you  have done? The back story is,  the family has only been

Kitchen Window, Shot, T-Shirt and Happy Pants

  Sheri at Red Rose Alley here is a view of my Bradford Pear out my largest kitchen window.  Here I am sitting and waiting my 15 mins after getting my first COVID shot. This is so ME. HAHA...that is what my sis in law calls me... Cat Whisperer Saturday late afternoon I was tired so I took an early bath, put on my happy pants and kicked back to  watch some TV. It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend here in the Nashville TN area. Pam

Busting Out All Over

 Spring is in the air..... So much so that today Monday 3/22/21 DJ has a sinus infection. Poor boy, same one that had the flu and  COVID.  But seriously, blooms are  busting out all over. Taking my allergy meds daily. Learned my lesson a couple weeks ago when I started itching really bad and realized it was  the pollen on my skin. Plus, tis the season  to be  SNEEZING!!! Pam /