Pics of Venue, Stones River, Hummingbirds, Blue Moon, and Paintings

Glass door knobs on 200
year old doors.

The above and below pics were taken 
during the food drive.

This flower, weed or whatever
is called
Nashville Mustard.

This pic however was taken in 
my yard.

This is Stones River a couple
miles from me
from two days of rain.
From the two days we got
7.6 inches. Second highest 
in Nashvilles flooding, the floods
of 2010 rate number 1.

They are coming.
Get your feeders filled.
Hummingbirds are headed in.

Went to dinner with Theresa
the other night and I decided
the best drink was 
going to be a beer.

Here is what I have been doing
while sitting in the den during
the storms and tornado 

After posting on the bunny and wagon 
on FB. My aunt said she loved
it. So I told her if she will admit
I am her fave neice I it is
hers. Got package it up and
send it to her!

Gnome is mine of course.

Just playing around with this one.

Decided my stools needed

Sealed them yesterday.

Now I have to get ready
for a meeting..


Martha said…
Those glass doorknobs are gorgeous. So nice to see so many signs of spring and your art work is fantastic! Enjoy the day :)
Brian said…
Love those glass doorknobs, our Dad remembers those from when he was growing up. Love your art too, so many fun and pretty ones. I'm sure glad you were able to get to our blog again, hooray!
Sandee said…
I remember those glass door knobs. Our house had them when I was growing up. Haven't seen them in years.

Love all the spring shots. I love this time of year.

We've been feeding the hummingbirds all winter. We have quite a few, but the summer is brutal. There are so many the feeders need filled almost every day.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥

Jeanie said…
It's been creative time for you. That Blue Moon looks good! Hope those hummers make it up here soon. Happy week!
Polly said…
Beautiful charming photos. The door knobs are gorgeous.
Ann said…
Those glass doorknobs are so pretty.
Great paintings. You've been very creative.
Liz A. said…
Painting is good on weather days. Sounds like you got lots of rain.
Rhodesia said…
The blue flower in your yard is a Vinca, we have them in our garden as well. Sorry, I am not keeping up with blogs very well at present, the garden is taking over my life with the change of weather!! Keep safe Diane

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